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The purpose of this site is to be a resource for fans of the Wraith characters of the show Stargate Atlantis, because Wraith information is otherwise scattered, buried away, unorganized, and/or stuck on places which are dead or full of haters and trolls. The focus is on licensed, mass-produced items and the fictional characters, with less emphasis on real-life persons, to respect privacy.

There are opinions to help out other fans, such as if merchandise could be missing parts or if books or comics treat Wraith well or not. This is because many Wraith fans do not want to spend their limited time and/or hard-earned money on stuff which is not respectful to our favorite characters.

Additionally, Wraith are human and Iratus bug hybrids and I stand against discrimination, including racism and speciesism. Anti-racism without human supremacy or species hierarchies. Xenophobia and genocide are wrong, no matter what excuses or euphemisms for them are used.

Started in 2011 on a free forum service, to help fan artists, cosplayers, and fanfic writers, etc., then migrated it to WordPress in late 2016 and also combined my other fan work accounts, because I am tired of sites coming and going over the years and having to move my stuff whenever moderator staff gets cut and sites get sold off. I do searches for Wraith photos, auctions, merchandise, and news at least 2x per week, every week since 2010. Links last checked for validity 12/2018. When available, broken offsite links get replaced with what is on the Wayback Machine.

To see what is new, check out the Site Entry Edits and Photo Updates.

*Disclaimer: MGM created Stargate Atlantis and the Wraith. This is an unofficial fan-made reference site, operated by an appreciative fan, not-for-profit, and just for fun. This should be obvious because the link even says stargatewraithFAN. I am not affiliated with MGM and my opinions are solely my own.