Hive Ships as Possible Feeding Solutions

I haven’t seen this feeding solution idea posted anywhere yet: modify and feed from the hiveships themselves.

Sentient Bases:

I speculate hiveships are grown from masked warriors, who are willing and honored to be chosen for such designations and retain senses of self-identity. Just because humans can be used by Michael’s seeds doesn’t mean they are preferred bases for Wraith. Drones would provide a base of a ship in which the ship truly wants the best for all of its Wraith inhabitants—it’s what drones want and live for as it is. Additionally, the ship drones could provide the other half of the genetic material used in creating more batches of drones. Queens and faced male officers would still be born, not made in pods.

The hiveship seed itself was capable of self-awareness and self-identification in “The Seed,” making it a sentient lifeform in the hiveship. Somehow, the ship simultaneously sustains nearly its entire crew in hibernation for hundreds of years (“Rising”) and could sustain sick humans from dying (“The Hive”). Surely, Wraith coming and going to feed 3-4 times a year (per “Instinct”) isn’t much of a stretch beyond its present capabilities. It would need more energy, though, to meet these needs as well as its own, especially during space flight.

Energy Sources and Bioavailability Conversion:

So, also in my fan-canon, hiveships are powered by beneficial radiation, in the form of solar energy. They must get energy to regenerate somehow, as the hulls need to heal from harmful radiation sustained from hyperspace jumps. Solar power would provide endless energy supply for the hiveship’s needs and the needs of the crew, using the ship as a feeding intermediary and making the energy bioavailable. An interface could be installed where Wraith could feed traditionally, with their hands, and still feel the joyful surge of energy coursing and radiating through their energy conduits, taking their complete fill without any reservations or holding back. The ship would not be in pain because it would have plenty of energy reserves to gladly give, just as a Wraith gives the Gift of Life.

In conjunction, another theory is ships get minerals like calcium they need to grow by absorbing the husks left in cocoons. To make up for their loss, minerals would have to be mined or manufactured to feed to the ship.

Societal Impact:

This would leave no need for humans in the supply chain whatsoever, making Wraith free to interact with them on their own terms. With all of the energy to spare, they could easily offer physician services through the healing Gift of Life in exchange for items they do not wish to create for themselves, like minerals for ships, and as rewards to their loyal worshippers. On a greater scale, if they wished to be less isolationist, wars with humans could end altogether. Human lives are short and their memories are even shorter; after so many healings, it would not take long before residual animosity toward Wraith faded away from the galaxy. It is what the Wraith would have to offer the galaxy in return, the other half of their hands which can both take and give.

Other Theories:

Hives are just as mysterious as Wraith themselves. Does anyone else have hiveship theories? Where do they get their power to fly and to regenerate? Do the hives create smaller ships like darts or are darts grown separately? If a Wraith crashed, could the pilot feed on the dying dart? Can hiveships communicate with one another? Is the city of Atlantis sentient in some way like a hive and are those technologies related?