Oberoth Needs Some Education


His quotes about Wraith and humans:
“We have mined everything we need from their consciousness. They are no longer of any use to us. Ending their lives seems to be the most prudent course.”
“Our Ancient brothers were arrogant, which led them to greatly underestimate the Wraith — an enemy inferior in intelligence, yes, but vastly superior in numbers and ruthlessness. […] Eradication of them is among our goals.”

No and no.

Someone’s right to live freely and unharmed does not depend on how others perceive them at the time as “useful.” This applies to any individuals or classes of individuals, regardless of race, class, species, and so forth.

No one was bothering Oberoth, either human or Wraith. The Wraith did not display ruthlessness in ceasing and desisting battle with the Asurans and left them in peace for those past 10,000 years. The small handful of visiting humans could have been sent away. No need for violence.

The Wraith bested the Asurans with intelligence by using programming skills to turn off the attack code created by the Ancients. The Wraith teamed up with humans to best the Asurans yet a second time. Regardless, Wraith intelligence is not relevant. The perceived intelligence of someone else does not justify violence against them. Might does not make right. Again, this applies to any individuals or classes of individuals, regardless of race, class, species, and so forth.

Oh, and Ancient brothers? Really? Most likely, Oberoth would have genocided the Ancients too, as the Ancients tried to do to the Asurans. This is not a “brotherhood.”

Oberoth is a good example of a bad example and how one is raised or programmed or tradition is no excuse. We are better than such sorry excuses. Not only should we refrain from violence and oppression, we should speak out against it. As recent events and tragedies in real life prove yet again, nothing good comes from hatespeech or acts which objectify others.

I would have liked to have seen a split of the Asurans, with Niam and/or Weir leading the friendly, culturally-open, and eager-to-learn faction, to live on their own terms, free from threat of being “reset” and free from any programming impelling them against their will to attack the Wraith or any others. The Asurans should not be objects to be used either, not by Oberoth or by anyone else.