Polyphonic Singing

In a scene in “Misbegotten,” Carson witnesses the retrovirused Wraith chanting, gathered around a fire to focus their minds on reaching out the nearest hive, to be rescued.

The group chanting aspect left me curious to know more about possible Wraith auditory arts, at home in their own culture and hive, as well as performance arts, as the pose with raised arms in a group circle is associated with arts and also team-building exercises. How often would these group exercises be done, in times of peace, for togetherness, the arts, mental exercise and meditation, or other reasons or combinations of reasons? One can only speculate.

Some fans theorize that with telepathy, and the resulting ability to convey feelings without words, would negate the need for music, but, Wraith take the time to put up sculptures in their hives when they could just share telepathic pictures. Telepathy doesn’t negate the enjoyment of art. Also, to mathematically-oriented minds, the patterns and numbers in music with structured melodies and notes are the art, not lyrics or feelings.

Also up for thought is the possibility of polyphonic singing and/or chanting, as Wraith have naturally multi-layered voices.

Until now, I didn’t know humans could do a limited form of polyphonic singing. It is more of a wordless chant in the throat, but more than one tone can come out of the throat at one time. Check out these videos to see this incredible talent:
*a man chanting Amazing Grace
*a man and woman chanting together

I am awestruck by the possibilities!

If humans can do this, what more could be possible with naturally multi-layered voices?!

Hiveship Harmony