Wraithy Inspiration

Wraithy Inspiration
Feed your dreams: Thinking about your favorite Wraith, creating OCs, daydreaming

Head Hair:
*Texture: silky, wiry, matted locks, tousled
*Styled in pony tails, large braids, etc.
*Accent braids, accent knots, twists, wraps, beads, clasps, etc
*Does he/she twirl hair or braids when thinking or daydreaming
*The way it swirls when turning or doing martial arts
*Hairstyle care – brushing, back combing, tousling, braiding, twisting, etc.
*Who styles whose hair? Fellow Wraith and/or worshippers? Neera has hair wraps, so is there reciprocal haircare of Wraith styling worshipper hair?
*How does it feel when the hair brushes up or over someone else in private moments?
*Hair hanging down, forming a private curtain between lovers
*Ruffle-able, for Michael
*Moonlight locks, or saturated colors for Queens, like waterfalls

Facial Hair:
*Type of beard, if applicable: split or single
*Braids, twists, wraps, etc
*Does he stroke or twirl his beard then thinking
*Who styles the longer facial hair?
*Is the hair long enough to trail over his lover as he kisses them?
*Is the hair long enough to sway when he speaks, when the wind blows, or when he turns?

*Green-gold, gold, amber
*Do the pupils dilate in varying lighting or when excited?
*Luxurious eyelash fringes
*Shadows from them cast on high cheekbones from eyelashes
*Glowing in the dark, seeing and shining the way
*Side glances like Steve and Eddie

*Smooth texture
*Sweeping cheek bones
*Luscious, kissable lips
*Elegantly tapered, kissable button noses
*Touching forehead-to-forehead, Pegasus style
*Tracing water rivulets over muscles and/or curves
*Charming precious jade green color
*Undertones around eye area– green, blue, or red?
*Warm, as Todd’s breath on window in Vegas
*Tattoos, freckles, veins winding around body…where do they go? 😉
*Tracing tattoos with fingers and/or tongue
*Kissing tattoos and freckles
*Do the tattoos have meaning to your Wraith (aesthetics, language, design, family heritage, skills, etc.?)

*Are they sensitive or not?
*If so, does he like them to be massaged or touched?
*Kissing each vertebrae, all the way down the back

*Points showing when he/she smiles
*Are they more amethyst-tinted, possible throwbacks to their Iratus bug heritage, or more opaque white

Cheek sensor pits:
*Is the support structure cartilage or bone?
*What would it feel like to kiss them, for both the giver and the receiver?

*Are they more human-like or do they have differently-shaped ones, such as Jean-Luc’s and Sally’s?
*Does he/she wear earrings like Todd or Taina?

*Are they larger like earlier seasons or no?
*Preferences – does he/she allow others to touch his/her feeding hand or do more? Kiss, tongue, etc?
*Is the handmouth sensitive to heat, feeling heartbeats, etc?
*Are there thumb rings or finger armor? Is that warmed by his/her touch?
*Wraith enzyme – does it tingle on skin? Does it have a taste?
*Nails – what color? White, green, or other color? Is that color natural color or lacquered? Long or more practical? Thicker and more taloned like earlier seasons?
*Feet. Are his/her toenails trimmed or not? What color are they?
*Trailing fingernails lightly over another’s back, arms, giving scalp massages

*Does his/her clothes and hair take on the smells of the environment: salty ocean air, pine forests, misty hives, rain, autumn leaves…
*Does he/she use scented oil on his/her skin

*Are his shoes dressier and polished like Steve’s or are they more stealthy and pliable such as boots worn by runner hunters? What sounds do they make on different surfaces?
*Snaps of coats and skirts as they walk and fight
*Whisper of hair across uniform as they turn their heads
*Purring noises like Todd makes in Common Ground
*Multi toned voices – can collapse or expand range—would sound dreamy humming, chanting, or singing
*Playful growling, hissing, or snarling
*Rumbling laughter welling up like Todd’s

*The feeling of belonging and connected to hivemates and ship/home
*Are their names telepathic? Can they share those names through the Gift of Life and sharing lifeforce?
*Can they make suggestions in your dreams or if your guard is down or if you invite it?

Other abilities and gifts
*Strong muscles to gaze upon
*Jumping ability
*Martial arts moves
*Strong arms to hold others
*“Staying power” 😉
*Gift of Life
*Projecting apparitions

What are his/her belongings/weapons/ work tools?
*Sexy uniform or dress
*Stun pistols/holsters/staffs/rifles/grenades/bombs/knives/swords/stun rods
*Surgical instruments for medical and ship and tech repair
*Does he own his own dart? Is he/she in command of a hive or a cruiser? An alliance?
*Game pieces
*Hair brushes, clasps, wraps, beads
*Off- duty clothes? Sleeping clothes? Something soft and snuggly?
*Data tablets and USB storage units
*Lab equipment
*Runner tracking detectors
*Scouting devices
*Transmitter cuffs
*Organic cables
*Combat goggles

What does his or her favorite room look like?
*Soft, dark, romantic light
*Gentle mist
*Changing bio light colors
*Patterns of light cast on floor
*Decorative laser lights
*Moss-like bed/nest/ is it pliable or like memory foam?
*Soft curves of walls, organic, environmentally-friendly
*Stained glass-type doors or walls
*Lighting: recessed spotlights, hanging chunks of crystals, biolights
*What is out the window? starscapes, hyperspace, nebula, sun, planet, ringed planet
*Walls, thrones, chairs, freestanding and attached benches
*Textures like seashells and coral
*Type of throne – Boris’s vs Laura’s
*Computers with organic screens and Wraith script
*Iratus bug and organic sculptures
*Wall support structures and columns
*Dart bay catwalks

What does your Wraith care about; What are his/her skills; Why do they do what they do?
*Skilled warrior
*Protect the hive/home
*Selfless: Rhys and Todd’s crew
*Desire to find alternative feeding solutions
*Coveted ship fleet knowledge
*Confident, I-own-the-place attitude

*Martial arts training
*Weapons training
*Secret offworld lab/s
*Dart flying
*Fashion and jewelry design
*Exploring worlds
*Bathing, hair washing
*Caring for Wraithlings
*Computer, board, dice, and other games