Goa’uld Tech and Wraith Feeding

Years ago, a woman posted a journal entry asking for people to propose ways of feeding the Wraith with available technology. This presumed anything in the Stargate canon at the time was fair game.

I presented multiple ideas, one of which being that people could volunteer to be fed upon, not to the point of death, and then be placed in Goa’uld sarcophagi to be restored. As long as this isn’t done multiple times in a row, there would be no negative effects of either the Wraith enzyme or the Goa’uld devices. No one would have to starve or die. It would be like a blood donation, only taking up time for the humans, mostly sleeping.

Yet, when it came time to vote, this least violent option was passed over in favor of another of my proposals, one of which was a lottery system which would have resulted in human deaths. I always wondered why the Goa’uld tech option was not chosen.

Recently, I was reminded of that old journal because a SG1 SGA crossover book came out where the Wraith wanted to use the same humans repeatedly in the Goa’uld devices, rather than cycling in new people and preventing insanity from the Goa’uld device’s overuse. Why all or nothing? Couldn’t someone have suggested symbiosis with the device? Humans could donate life force, maybe every 3, 5, 7, 10, or whatever years, in exchange for healing their sick or wounded children and/or gain environmentally-friendly tech. This could be a win-win, just like the Legacy retrovirus. The Legacy virus seems acceptable, but not the Goa’uld sarcophagi.

Do people have an innate fear of the Goa’uld device? Is it because of its name and appearance? The image of a sarcophagus sounds scary and may conjure up thoughts of claustrophobia. What if it had been given a friendlier name instead? I can only continue to wonder…