Use of the Phrase “Feeding Alternatives”

A few days ago, I came across this meme:



And, again, I wish I had an intersectional beta to bounce these ideas off of!

In the past, I had used the phrase “feeding alternatives” to describe Wraith looking for solutions for their energy needs. Now that I think about it, saying “feeding alternatives” makes it sound as if using humans is an alternative to, or equal to, not using humans, if multiple choices were presented. Ooops!  Not what I meant at all!

As soon as the Wraith would discover a new way to get energy, one that does not cause harm, that new way should become the default…. not merely an “alternative.”

When trying to find the words for describing something in scifi, was I unknowingly influenced by something I had heard in the past?

Going forward, I will watch my language and try to not use this phrase. I edited instances of it I know of, but probably didn’t catch them all. But, by now, I trust people know that I meant well and what I really meant to say, that I don’t want anyone to be harmed of any species.

This is an example of living out history, of people figuring things out and doing better, and I am part of this process and learning as I go.