No, It’s NOT in their DNA

If a Stargate reboot happens, it is time for the concept of genetics and heraldry, whose parents one was born to, in producing “good” or “evil” offspring, to be retired. This was markedly evident in the Tok’ra vs Goa’uld origins coming down to a single Queen (!) being all the difference between one living in symbiotic cooperation with others or doling out cruel domination.

Pointing to genetics, even in fictional characters, perpetuates the idea that traits are inborn and immutable, leaving no opening for change, understanding, cooperation, or, at the very least, simply leaving one another be free.

Oppressive behaviors are choices made by individuals on a daily basis and can be changed for the better at any time; they are not traits inherited by parents or determined by the womb. DNA, tradition, schooling, past jobs, upbringing, etc. are not excuses or answers.  Individuals must be held accountable for harmful behavior toward others.

We were able to see Teal’c’s evolution in making better choices and see alternate universe versions of him not necessarily making better choices. Teal’c’s transformation is what should be available to all characters, including the choice for Goa’uld to become Tok’ra.

Flashy modern special effects will not modernize Stargate if its social ideals are decades stale.

Along with modern movies such as X-Men and Zootopia, it’s time for a Stargate reboot to move away from the “it’s in their DNA” excuse.