Wraith Haters Stink

Literally, they do smell bad. That is because they are racists and most racists have a weird musty odor– the kind of people you need to keep a can of air freshener around for if you work in a small business or retail office.

I saw some of them whining about a poster of a shirtless Wraith made by a comic book artist and also ignorant comments about Wraith and cats. Obviously, they have not read Legacy; heaven forbid they read something. When you click on the profiles of the people whining, you can see how nasty they are. Eww x 20.

Their comments only reflect on them and how racists are gross inside as well as the outside.

I find it funny racists feel the need to whine about fictional beings. It is clear the racists are jealous of the characters and also the actors and actresses. Stars forbid the racists actually bathe and up their game, grooming themselves even half as well as Wraith do, rather than whine and post hateful comments.

If only there were Lysol to spray on the insides of racists as well as the outsides.