I love my WordPress site

Lots more room to play and a better format and features to share many facets of collections.
Unlike dA and Zb,
When something is marked private, it stays private.
Media stability.
No server crashes or data loss.
Awesome SEO.
Exportable backups.

Only real Stargate Wraith fans come to my page now.
No more blocking Christina and Maura sockpuppets on a daily basis.
No more conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis, or criminals.
No more dealing with international cliques or past or present war tensions among nations.
No more of people who want to harm themselves or others, argue about 2D vs 3D art, act snobby over who is “new” to the fandom, or using other people or fanning flames.

A breath of fresh air…

Having other accounts for my fan stuff should have been auxiliary, with WP being the home base. I should have gotten a WP account sooner and left dA as soon as I heard about the layoffs. I had been waiting for someone to buy out dA after the layoffs, which did happen 3 months after I left, but I don’t think it will be stable with the new owners either. It is so nice to not have to worry about it.

Now, I have my dream gallery of exploration without expectation, for both visitors and myself.

I have more than one WP site these past two years and they have been free from hassle or drama. 🙂