Fake Wraith Fans

Over the years, I have been following over 200 SGA Wraith fan artists from around the world. Most are normal people who are just having fun and admiring.

There is, however, very small handful of people who call themselves “fans,” yet they upload fanworks which portray Wraith in a violent and derogatory manner. That is racism to paint any culture in a bad light, even if they are allegedly admiring such behavior. It can be observed the majority of these people are from abusive long-term relationships. You can’t fix a problem with the same mindset which caused it: as long as they look for negative people and send signals to invite negative people into their lives, they will continue to attract abusive people. I stay clear or such people, because they are unpleasant and verbally abusive themselves.

Thankfully, the rough people usually settle down or go away fairly quickly. They move on because they are adults and can’t (and shouldn’t) maintain such a silly “evil” charade. The fans who stick around for the long haul are the ones who see beauty in different races, don’t want to see anyone starve or suffer, and who see more similarities than differences.

The small minority of people negatively portraying Wraith do not represent the fandom. Wraith are not evil.