Errors in Stargate Wikis about the Wraith

Wraith fans, heads-up: do not rely too much on the Stargate wikis for Wraith info. Use them as starting points and always verify for yourself by going back to the transcript or screen caps. Some of the information is based on the tie-in books which all contradict one another and the show, some is just guesswork and hearsay from scifi forums, and some is based on invalid sample sizes of 1.

You have to figure people who are not Wraith fans are going to be editing this stuff and they are not going to care about getting the details correct, not going to know enough about Wraith, or maybe even want to spread misinformation because of racism against Wraith.

Some examples of wiki errors:

*They tend to list every Wraith not named in the show credits as a Penny Wraith and list this without citations, including my favorite Wraith, and in spite of the credits saying otherwise for him. In the instance of my favorite one, this is because they got this info from a guess on a scifi forum back in 2009 when FC aired and afterwards TLT credits subsequently refuted that guess. Guesses are just for fans to theorize as they try to gather information. On wikis, there should be a citations for actors and actresses based on credits, interviews, and valid sources from cast and crew, not random guesses.

*There are disagreements over if Wraith are born or not, some citing Legacy, some rejecting Legacy, yet both views will contradict one another on the very same article a few paragraphs apart! Even if not accepting Legacy as canon, one can only say that drones are created in batches and emerge as adults and nothing can be said about the faced Wraith. Anything taken from Legacy should be cited as being from Legacy.

*Assumptions are made about colorations and maturing of facial features of young Queens based on Ellia. But, a sample size of 1 is not correct to apply to the whole and the Queens have diverse skin and hair colors. These people should have also seen the photo of young Ellia from the makeup artists resume site to see her skin color did not change and still had green and Wraith facial features. So, they are doubly wrong on their 1 sample size.

*Assumptions are made about the origin of Wraith hives based on the capability of the seeds Michael had which could turn Keller into a hive. But, Michael is not a Queen and can’t make masked warriors. Michael has to use humans as bases for his soldiers and possibly his ships. This does not mean this applies to Wraith. Full-blooded Wraith may use masked warriors as ship bases or some other process. A respectable wiki should say Michael’s seeds could use humans as bases, but not extend that onto Wraith as a whole or even Michael’s processes as if it were fact. It could just be that we are more alike than different and the seeds affect us in similar enough ways.

*They say that Wraith blood is black. Wraith blood is red on the show. Google “Broken Ties Breakdown” to see a photo on Joe’s blog. It clots dark just like ours. I won’t link here in case it is too gory. But, it is black in some books, such as the Apocalypse series and Halcyon, and green in other books, such as the Legacy series. The wikis should document these differences and their respective sources, not go with just one.

*They list tech specs about ships, which presumably came from the DVD Collection Magazines– undocumented, uncited, unverifiable. On the dart page, no citations are given for the size and carrying capacity. On the cruiser page, the citation is given and it is disputed from what was seen on the show. So, even if this info is cited, it is only quasi-canon and not verifiable by all fans.

*They even list stuff from random RPGs and/or posts from scifi forums. I’m dying laughing tears! The name Jimmy was given by fans, because of a slightly different beard than Steve, but some consider this the same Wraith as Steve and the actor has signed photos of this character as Steve. So, he may not be a one-shot character. Just because a little bomb lit up the area and made the character fall down backwards doesn’t mean he died. Also, the name Jimmy may have been given by the production team to the Commander in Spoils of War and Midway, according to a prop auctioneer listing, but those auctioneers made a lot of mistakes too, including the episode names. All of this is speculation and none of this belongs in the wiki, neither the fan-given name nor the alleged death. And, if Jimmy is Steve, the whole separate character entry should not exist.

*They say Gordon is a one-shot character and says he died in a hiveship during “The Gift,” but he was in Atlantis during The Seige, pt 2, 33 minutes in and appeared to be shot, but then reappeared again in The Siege, pt 3, in the hallway, 37 minutes in, with Darrel also nick-named from the Wraithial Discrimination DVD feature, when Teyla is sending her message to pretend Atlantis was nuked (reused footage of these two, which also appears again during “Michael” 12 minutes in). So, no, not a one shot character by a long shot and didn’t die in “The Gift.”

These are just some of the issues I have seen. So, watch what you take from the Wikis or they will make you look like you are not an attentive worshipper or fan! Always verify.