Art, Color, Sculpture, and Graphic Design in Wraith Culture

A full post about art use and style in Wraith culture is in order. There was precious few minutes of Wraith footage on the show, and it was during wartime. Most likely, they have much more which was unexplored by the Lanteans. That said, neither presence nor absence of art is not an excuse to treat anyone differently. Some of these categories overlap in the examples, such as the bug door frame and the Iratus bug wall emblem can be sculpture, interior design, and an everyday thing.

Sculpture. 3D or relief emblem renditions of natural, organic shapes such as Iratus bugs, flowers, and leaves and abstract hanging. Note also the use of spotlights and display pedestals. The wall hanging in Michael’s quarters and the flower may also be functional, but these are unknowns.

Elegant design of everyday things. Beauty goes beyond form of function to be sculptural. Data devices, door control mechanisms, communication and or scanning device, surgical instruments (as living ship and technology needs surgery to be healed).

Graphic design. Possibly for both function and decoration. The embellishments on the maps and computer screens are unknown. User-friendly icons easy enough for masked warriors to follow for the stylized darts and hives for dart canopy displays. Presumably, green halo-ed ones represent hivemates while neutral or red are other.

3D modelling software. Used in planning and diagnosing, compatible with Lantean tech.

Interior design/architecture. Use of platforms, laser lights, columns, cathedral arches for decorative purposes.

Accent lighting. Colors and patterns create art and mood.

Tattoos. Decorating their faces and bodies, even if hidden under clothing.

Jewelry design. Earrings, finger armor, pendants, belt buckles, thumb rings, etc.

Textiles and fashion design. Screen-printed patterns, embroidered patterns, both natural and abstract, curvilinear and geometric

Furniture design. Elegance of design goes beyond just function. Scalloped edges, footed benches, graceful throne sculpted both front and back even if rarely seen.

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