In Defense of Both Queens and Commanders

Following up on my post “Wraith are not Evil,” which focused on Wraith culture as a whole, this post is against the sexism which occasionally crops up every few years among so-called fans and I am calling it out for what it is: sexism, bigotry, and prejudice.

Anti-Commander People. This is misandry. This is sexism.

These people insist that all the males are bad or inferior and have it out for Todd especially. But, being a leader and being a manager are two different things. Leadership should be by merit and Todd is a proven negotiator among both his own people and the new Lanteans and he is a charismatic magnet for attracting new talent.

These people also insist that women should imagine themselves as Queens and not worshippers, even going so far as to say to do so is mental illness. (!) Well, these people need to look up DISC personality profiles. Not desiring to lead is a personality characteristic, not a personality disorder. Not everyone wants to be a leader, especially in war, and have the stress of knowing what choices they pick could lead to deaths of family members and followers. Plus, placing oneself in the shoes of others makes one a more well-rounded person and there is no need to inject a racist element against humans into what is already misandry.

Anti-Queen People. This is misogyny. This is sexism.

These people insist that all the Queens are bad. Some even want strong female human Lanteans “written out” of stories as well. Yet, somehow, magically, the males turn out well-adjusted, in spite of how all these mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and every other female in their lives are bad. If these people care so much about the males, why wish a dysfunctional family and miserable upbringing on all of them?

The only treacherous Queen was human Teyla in disguise, who ordered the deaths of men who counted on her, rather than negotiate as the Wraith expected her to. Teyla doesn’t count. Sally kept watch over her people while they were vulnerable and was right to treat Sumner and his crew as threats. Betty was kind to her worshippers, even giving them pretty hair wraps like hers. Akasha and Ruby were killed for no good reason and Akasha was correct to suspect Todd and Teyla in disguise. Ellia was a sweetie, pure and simple. Taina wanted to get back to her people. The only two questionable ones for me were Laura and Mina, for their willingness to attack other hives, but many of the males made the same mistakes. One can’t look the other way when Michael, Erik, Todd, and Karl do the same things while maligning the Queens for the actions of but few. Nor can one give the human Lanteans a free pass for doing these same things and try to blame everything on the females of one race.

One also has to wonder where the Commanders without Queens get their masked warriors, especially during the New Lantean War and the Wraith Civil War. These men likely have loving mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces, daughters, lovers, or some combination thereof who care about them enough to spend time in ship trance making masked warriors to give to them. In Todd’s case, this is likely being done on the sly, to help him to maintain the illusion of having a Queen as Teyla portrayed.

Reject Sexism. Embrace Equity.

Wraith seem to be free to change hives according to whose leadership suits their personalities and ambitions, from the Queens, to Todd, to Boris. Misandry and misogyny have no place!