Untranslatable Emotions

Fellow worshippers! How many of you out there read articles and wonder how the concepts would apply to Wraith or other Stargate or scifi cultures?

Here is one such example: words for nuanced emotions in various world languages which are untranslatable

While we all share emotions such as betrayal, hope, anger, and amusement, some concepts unique to the Wraith experience might include:

*telepathy, telepathic connections, reaching out to others
*hive mind and togetherness
*sharing lifeforce, the Gift of Life, feeding one another
*the feeding process
*feelings in the energy conduits, feeding organs, sensor pits, spine ridges, etc.
*facing persecution by the Ancients
*hibernation, as distinct from sleep
*the call to awaken from hibernation
*gaining the attention of a Queen from talent and hard work
*love and responsibility of a Queen or Keeper for her hive
*self-sacrifice for a Queen or higher-ranked officer who has a better chance of survival
*being out among the 360 degree surround beauty of the stars in space
*individuality within hive unity
*the silence of no other telepathic beings within mental reach
*ship trance during astronavigation
*Queen’s trance or sleep when making batches of masked warriors