Ironic Fanfic Is Ironic

There exists this paragraph in a RPG fanfic, written in early 2009, about a year before I found the fandom: “She must be very fond of you to take the time to do that,” Bullseye said sounding a little wistful. For all that he was a valued member of the crew none of the worshippers had adopted him let alone wanted to draw his portrait.”


So ironic– I’ve been drawing this character for over 7 years and am only here making this site and art because of this very character. I’ve also commissioned a lot of art of him. 🙂

So many people draw Todd, Steve, and Bob– usually one time only– but there are so many stills and behind-the-scenes pics of those characters available. Not so for most Wraith!

Drawing Bullseye, Edgar, Aurelian, or some of the others who have less screen time is made more difficult due to fewer references available for the artists, sometimes with obstacle courses such as unhelpful lighting across the face or “Misbegotten” pajama-like outfits. When the Blu Ray discs and 1920×1080 monitors came out, that was a huge boon. Yet, this spurs artists on to create more, and often multiple portraits of those favorites over the years. And, yes, we are very fond of them to take the time to do that!!!  ❤