Glider Planes or Sail Planes

The closest thing I can think of which would be like flying a dart– glider planes/sail planes/soar planes!

The aircraft are small and motorless, so they are quiet, and the sailing associations often let the guest riders sit up front. Another plane with a motor tows the sailplane until it is high enough to reach the thermal currents in the air, then lets go. The pilot controls the turns and landing, so that the guest rider can enjoy the scenery and thrills.

The aerodynamic shape of the canopy is dart-like and I can imagine the Wraith tech shield could be clear, if one interprets the view Spike had when his ship was crash landing to be his view and not just a random camera angle on the tip of his dart. I like think Wraith shields on both dart canopies and hive and cruiser windows can be clear or turn opaque, in different modes.

As lovely as it is to fly over the landscapes, one can only imagine what taking a dart up in space and into a dart bay would be like!

This video (not mine) shows an example of how the flights work. I highly recommend them! 🙂