Irrational Auditory Manipulation

Being more of a visual person and not having the greatest hearing, it took me until recently to notice attempts at auditory manipulation within Stargate Atlantis which often occur when Wraith are shown on screen.

Usually, this is a loud, quick, and shrill series of notes from what may be wind instruments. This noise is Pavlovian in nature, something to evoke fear or dread at the sight of the face of someone with a different skin color. This is racism. Not cool.

There are also somber-sounding, fear-evoking, and/or gloomy bits played when the Lanteans walk around hive ships, which are Wraith homes. Meanwhile, the Lanteans, who genocide half the Wraith, get neutral or noble-sounding music. Very inequitable.

TPTB, I see what you did there. Or, rather, I heard what you did there.

I and other Wraith fans reject the futile attempt to be swayed into hating an entire scifi race. The fact that there are so many unswayed by irrationalism gives me hope for the human race.