Michael Laying His Hand on Teyla

After Teyla and Michael spar and Teyla loses and ends up flat on the ground, Michael places his hand on her in a gesture Ronon interprets as one of feeding, of taking life force.

But, what if the gesture was meant to give life force?

“To feed” can mean giving or taking.

What if, after sparring, the victorious Wraith would gave some of his lifeforce to heal his hivemate who lost and would probably be more in need of having his energy restored? This would strengthen hivemate bonds after a tough sparring match and help to save face for the loser and allow him to stand up straight and tall again as they both exited the gym.

Michael always had a fondness for Teyla and acted in good faith to want to belong with the city of Atlantis as his new hive, even liking her after he discovered he had been lied to, kidnapped, and had his form altered without his consent.

This gesture had to have been wrongly misinterpreted on Ronon’s part.