Mortality and Appreciation of Life

Every now and then, I come across an article asserting that mortality, the fleetingness of life, is what makes life precious. Within the scifi realm, there are even unfortunate claims and fanfics made stating the same thing, that Wraith “need” humans to show them and remind them how wonderful life is.

What a self-serving bias and untrue! A short-lived human author with no framework for comparison writes such a thing just to pat themselves on the back for being born human and/or to make themselves feel better about their own mortality.

Life is precious for what it is, independent of how others appraise it through their own limited lenses.

I posit an immortal or near-immortal race would be more likely to appreciate the intricacies of life and conserve it. Why? Because they would have to live through the results of any bad decisions, unlike humans who trash Earth and expect their descendants to magically fix everything long after they are gone, which is irresponsible and unlikely to happen. Humans plunder the Earth and kill more and more fellow animals and continue to wage needless wars on one another.

The Wraith live a minimalist lifestyle, have forgotten how to go to war after defeating the Ancients’ attempt to genocide them, leave their environments pristine, and appreciate the stars.

It is the biased, mortal human authors who could learn some things from near immortal Wraith culture.

For the sake of the younger generations and other species on this planet, I often wish someone would show us,  before it is too late.