Cetaceans and Image Projecting

Found on One Green Planet, this brings me joy to know this ability just might exist here on Earth. (I just hope the humans studying the cetaceans are being respectful to them and not harming them.)

“Communication is so great in cetaceans that there is a strong possibility they are able to project (yes … literally project) an “auditory image” that replicates a sonar message they may receive. The process is a bit confusing, but MSU describes it in this circumstance: “So a dolphin wishing to convey the image of a fish to another dolphin can literally send the image of a fish to the other animal. The equivalent of this in humans would be the ability to create instantaneous holographic pictures to convey images to other people.”

If they are in fact able to do this, there would have to be a natural tendency to break down stylized and abstracted images into words. Meaning, cetaceans, like people, use a series of signifiers to discern the exact objects they want to communicate about. We might say “tree” and think of a picture of a tree in our minds, but cetaceans can skip this step by simply projecting the image to other cetaceans.”

With Wraith ability to project shadowy apparitions to the minds of humans, who have no known capacity for telepathy, it is no wonder some fans theorize Wraith are able to create metal 3D holographic art to share with their hivemates. One artist drew a Wraith storyteller showing his audience a fantastic colorful dragon.