Capitalizing the Names of Wraith Ship Types?

The transcripts on GW capitalize the names of Wraith ships, such as Dart and Hive.

Should this be?

Those transcripts have mistakes, such as calling Wraith by incorrect, objectifying pronouns the Wraith do not use to identify themselves (aka misgendering).

The Lanteans starting calling the small fighter ships “darts” for their pointy shapes. The Wraith used the word in season 5, but was it because the name caught on or was it because the Wraith also used this same word all along?

Among humans, vehicles are capitalized for specific trademarked makes and models. Different styles of darts were not apparent, such as sports darts, luxury darts, etc.

There may be something to capitalizing though, with the ships being organic and sentient. Would the Wraith capitalize those words to show respect for their ships?

But, still, the category names of humans, birds, fishes, and other sentient beings are not capitalized. A hive is a type of ship and not an individual name. (As a side note, I generally capitalize Wraith because Wraith is also a culture and a language).

In Legacy, hives and cruisers are given capitalized individual names. I wonder where the line would be drawn. How about darts, which are part metal and part organic? Organic computer consoles? Organic data tablets? Stun weapons which require crystalline energy sources? Grown knives and swords which seem to no longer require energy after being grown and seem totally inorganic and not requiring energy?

It is something to think about, but I don’t know if I will start capitalizing or go back and edit all my writings at this time, because there is no direct proof on screen of the Wraith writing this way.