The Plural Form of Wraith

Sporadically, the topic of the plural form for the word “Wraith” comes up is discussions.

For Wraith fans, this is for good reason– we wish to be respectful to them in all ways, of course!

Often, this topic comes up because people of various languages discuss Wraith culture on boards which predominantly use the English language.

In intersectional critical theory, it is advised to avoid using the same word for both singular and plural for sentient beings. Adding -s or -es emphasizes individuality, rather than incorrectly as collective objects. E.g.: human/humans, fish/fishes. Thus, Wraiths would be the plural of Wraith.


It would seem the Wraith prefer to self-identify and refer to themselves with the same word for both singular and plural.

In “The Queen,” Todd says to Teyla, “ You are doing this on purpose — to kill Wraith.

In “Infection,” Todd tells Jennifer, “During the process of hibernation, there is a continuous exchange of fluid between Wraith and Hive.”

This may be in part because of the connection they share, via telepathy, with their hivemates and others within range of their telepathic abilities, the range varying by individual and Michael’s being very far-reaching.

Over the years, I have gone back and forth on this. Most of my recent writings have settled to use “Wraith” for both singular and plural, because I went with how they want to be identified in their culture.