The Lone Good Wraith Trope

In some Wraith fanworks, especially pre-Legacy, there can sometimes be seen the phenomenon of “one good OC Wraith” or “one good OC hive” with those OCs as outcasts and all other Wraith and hives as evil.

Writers who do this seem to see Wraith as physically beautiful, but have internalized the Lantean narrative that Wraith are evil and, thus, feel the need to create an OC or two to get around the Lantean creative block.

I will say it again from my longer blog: Wraith are not evil.

There is no “one” good Wraith or hive. There is good and bad to be found in everywhere and individuals are capable of change.

Todd and his whole hive were willing to try Keller’s life-altering and dangerous idea. Even if they had valid concerns and didn’t want to use Keller’s idea, that does not make them bad, just justifiably cautious. And, defending one’s home against invaders from the Milky Way doesn’t make anyone bad either. A worshipper can go to hives like Betty’s and a Wraith can choose among hives, or create a new hive and/ or alliance of hives, to suit his or her personality, such as Todd’s if they want to work with the Lanteans (or whoever), rather than to suffer alone or feel forced to abandon his or her Wraith culture. Because there isn’t just one lone good Wraith or hive!