Wraith Do Not Have Warts

WHY do some artists and writers who are not Wraith fans feel the need to add warts to Wraith?

First, some biology is in order. Freckles are spots of pigmented skin, smooth and caused by varying amounts of melanin, like a tan. Tanned skin or darker skin tones are not raised up. On the other hand, warts are raised bumps of skin and they are caused by viruses. Wraith immune systems would kill those invading viruses.

Second, adding warts is adding something which was never there, misrepresenting the subject and the work of other artists. Wraith skin is smooth.  Freckles are added by the makeup artists by using a spray painter.

Freckles are not warts. Wraith do not have viruses or warts.

This has been a public service announcement.