Fellow Travelers

The film Earthlings is a powerful documentary about the ways human animals needlessly harm fellow animals, even though we are all Earthlings and all feel joy and pain and want to be safe, happy, and free.

When thinking, as a scifi fan, about the title of the film and the treatment of others, for years I tried to come up with a term which encompassed fair treatment for all, not just for fellow Earthlings. This is because I would not want any new forms of discrimination, by planetary or galactic origins.

How about fellow travelers? (not Travellers, Stargate fans, lol).

“Travelers” indicates how we all share life, no matter the location or body type.

I would like to know other words vegan scifi fans and/or vegans who think about the possibility of life on other planets use to refer to life forms to include everyone throughout the galaxy. Kindness, respect, and preservation should know no boundaries, on planet Earth or far away.