Shiana as a Possible Wraith Ally

The Pegasus Galaxy belongs to those who live there—not SGC.

In the show, the new Lanteans do things such as litter the ocean with golf balls and landscapes with Powerbar wrappers. In the tie-in books, there is also littering, as well as introduction of non-biodegradable plastics and stripping the land and creating pollution and cruelty through animal agribusiness, with the galaxy’s natives giving up their resources so that SGC can be greedy with their wants, not needs. The needless suffering and destruction on Earth is bad enough. To spread this misery to other planets is incredibly messed up and selfish.

As clean and environmentally-friendly the Wraith are, I don’t see them sitting around idly when they realize this SGC stupidity. A Wraith-Lantean war would just break out all over again once environmental degradation got so bad.

Enter Shiana.

She would make a great Wraith ally after the wars settle down, as she is not afraid to tell the new Lanteans  ‘no’ and to jail them and put them on trial for crimes against Pegasus.

Clearly, she is powerful and competent to be able to retain a top place in the High Council, even after her homeworld was destroyed. Any military or political backing she would have had would have been long gone, but she retained her post. When we saw her on screen, she did her job in spite of still being in bereavement, and so was a bit shaken, and will only strengthen in time to better serve her galaxy.

This woman is a Queen in human form.

Her dress has Wraithy elements, notably the gold mesh bodice being a similar fabric to Queen Laura’s gown, and also long sleeve ribbons such as Laura’s. Field operative Wraith affiliates, such as the trader who works for Michael and Nabel Golan, have outfits with Wraithy elements in them.

The personal motives for such an alliance are there. The Wraith have experienced profound losses of their own through Lantean genocide, as her people were indirectly killed as a result of that genocide. Yet, the Wraith have some power over death. They can give the Gift of Life. After facing such sweeping losses, how could this not intrigue and offer hope?

The galactic motives are there. Both parties have an interest in protecting Pegasus and the Wraith’s interstellar ships would be a valuable thing to have against the Lanteans, to get the invaders to stop the colonizing.

Shiana is one of the best human bets for Pegasus and as a Wraith ally. Long may she rule.