Incorrect Vanir Comment about Wraith Tolerance

In TLT, a Vanir misspeaks to Daniel, saying, The Wraith do not tolerate the presence of advanced technologies other than their own.”

Incorrect. The Wraith lived alongside the Asurans for 10,000 years– even though Asuran culture was similar to Ancient culture and even though the Asurans built a great city, powered by ZPMs.

What is the Vanir hiding in this sentence: “With both the Wraith and the Ancients occupied, we were free to conduct our experiments. Unfortunately the hostilities came to an end sooner than we’d thought and with an unexpected result.” ?

The Vanir didn’t care about the deaths they caused, to any beings or planets. My guess is that the Vanir were experimenting on the Wraith, as Loki had on humans, and thought they would get away with it as long as the Ancients prevailed.

“Before we knew what was happening, we were under attack.” Well, yes. The Wraith can only be expected to fight back, against the Ancients, the Vanir, or anyone else who threatens them.

“We lost our intergalactic ships in the first battle and we did not have the resources to build more.” Good. And good for those 10,000 years with them in hiding too. If only they would have stayed in hiding.