Wraith Role Models are Never Ending

Two of my once-favorite fitness role models are changing for the worst and are starting to become stereotypical bullying jocks of sorts, making fun of others. They forgot where they came from. Good thing I have other role models, including others for fitness!

In life, it is beneficial to have many role models for different facets of living (e.g., finances, fitness, relationships, work, skilled trades, etc.). One person can’t do it all or know it all, not us, our parents, our significant others, or other friends. This liberates us and our loved ones from undue expectations of being everything to everyone and puts the power in our hands to seek, learn, and to accomplish. Having several role models also means there are always more to fall back on as others move away, pass on, or change.

The role models don’t have to be people we know, neither in person nor from our home towns, and don’t even have to know they are our role models either. We can learn from others from afar, though watching, reading autobiographies, etc.

As role models come and go, fictional characters are always there, as stable guideposts for the qualities we admire.

That is one good thing about an ended scifi series such as SGA: there can be nothing done to tarnish the characters.

The archetypal traits we admire about our favorite Wraith are forever crystallized in time– truly never-ending.