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Why did earlier season hive ships have sand in them?

“Rising,” “Underground,” “The Hive”…

Why do some of the earlier-season hives have sand in some of the hallways and in some of the rooms? Not every spot in the hives has it and the rubbery, latexy, solid flooring can be seen, often with colorful and patterned lighting decorating its surface in other areas.

Does the sand have a purpose or function for the hive? Is it made by the hive or carted in? It seems like dry sand. Maybe a security feature, to show footprints of intruders, such as in the screencap pictured?

If it was brought in for decoration, why? Do some Wraith enjoy reminders of beaches or of caves made from sandstone with loosened sand on the floor? A lot of the reference pics auctioned off for concept art were of aquatic environments.

For the hives which have it, how do they keep the sand from spreading to areas it may not be wanted?


The Crystal Castle would have made more sense as a hive ship

With its pink, curvilinear interiors and fun accessories, the Crystal Castle looks as if it could be repurposed into a hiveship playset: a place fit for a Queen. It would need to be stuffed with models of Wraithy furniture, such as benches and computer consoles:

And, if 80s and 90s toy makers made Stargate Atlantis toys, the city of Atlantis would probably transform into something else. And, a year after the toy darts and puddle jumpers came out, there would be crystal versions of them. Maybe that clear plastic would be to represent invisibility or being out of phase. Or, maybe no excuse at all would be given. Because, more sales opportunities!

I really want retro-style SGA toys now!!! XD 😀

How did Spike set up his communication equipment?

Spike’s communication equipment

When Spike crash-landed his dart on Earth, how did he set up his Wraith tech?

Was it grown from a seed or maybe from a cutting or parts from his crashed dart?

If he grew it from a seed, such as the organism which used Jennifer as a medium in “The Seed,” do some Wraith officers carry them around in their darts or in the uniforms for emergencies? Does each seed have a purpose? If not, how do Wraith direct the seeds to grow, to take on different forms?

Abundance vs Scarcity Mindsets in Fandom as It Pertains to Viewing Opportunities and Other Races

I’ve blogged before about optimism in Wraith fans in this light-hearted, but true example.

Time and time again, I have seen seen a marked difference in mindsets within the Stargate Atlantis fandom from many years of viewing fanart, fanfiction, including the licensed tie-in books, and forum posts.

The Abundance Mindset (most fans of Wraith and other scifi races)

*Expanded circles of compassion, often including all animals (humans and insects are animals)

*See opportunity everywhere and that gains can be had with knowledge, learning, sharing, and cooperation

*Engage in continuing education, keep current with books and podcasts, do life-affirming activities

*Think creatively, brainstorm a multitude of mutually beneficial solutions for all; going beyond merely asking if something wonderful can be done to how all it can be done

The Scarcity Mindset (most xenophobic people)

*Concern limited to the self, probably also immediate family, and maybe those of the same skin color, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, etc.

*See life as a zero-sum game, to be lived in fear, with violence as the only solution

*Stuck in the past, yearn for “simpler” time periods when there was more oppression

*Think retractively, even imposing additional constraints (!) on characters and settings that were not seen in the TV show at all, getting facts incorrect, further obscuring, narrowing, and eliminating available options

What mind-forged manacles might be weighing down those trapped in scarcity mindsets in real life? Who taught and/or continues to reinforce the mindset of scarcity and, thus, keep people from becoming more in real life too? Parents? Teachers? Managers? Anyone else continuing to enable apathy and to not expect the best versions of ourselves?

Thankfully, the mind works as a muscle and those in the scarcity mindset can break free and jump onto a better track of mind, with positive books and techniques, such as The Miracle Morning. It just takes awareness and willingness.

*(Thinking back to my grade school years, I can say that every single book I was forced to read had an unhappy ending that conveyed the message of, as Homer Simpson put it, “You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.” I never accepted that and even went so far and to give one teacher a list of books similar to the ones she was teaching in time period and in theme, but that had positive outcomes as rewards for courage and ingenuity. What she did with that list was up to her.)

John Sheppard’s Wraith Priorities

On learning about Wraith culture:

John Sheppard: “Save the history lesson for later. Let’s go.”

John Sheppard: “All right, spare me the history lessons.”

Also John Sheppard: “When I was a kid and I got my first encyclopedia, I started with the letter S.”

Gotta keep one’s mind focused on the important things!  😛 😉 😀

The Todd x John shippers know this so well! 😀 But, they also give John a bit more character growth and learning about Wraith culture, which is a good thing. 🙂

Spontaneous Trait Transference Strikes Again!

Ever read a post with an eye-catching adjective and associate it with the person who wrote it, even when the person wasn’t talking about themselves?

You are not alone and there is a name for the phenomenon.

Spontaneous trait transference (STT) occurs when a person describing others is perceived to possess the very qualities implied by those descriptions.

So, Wraith fans, layer on the praises of your favorite Wraith. Maybe some of those positive attributes will also stick to you. ^_^

(The anonymized illustration is from a scifi forum, from a poster who hasn’t even watched half of the show is he writing about, repeating what was already said in the original thread question, with a comment violating the canon source hierarchy, and a stated deliberate meta-awareness of being as such. Basically, he was trolling; so, the post makes the perfect SST example. I had to obscure the adjective because it was so striking that I didn’t want it sticking to my site. I can’t look at his forum name now without thinking of this adjective he wrote. SST in action! 😛 😀 )

One Really Clever Troll Tactic Part 2: The Effect of the Light Insult

Do you know what a neg is?

Per the Urban dictionary, a neg is “a light insult wrapped in the package of a complement.” It is often associated with male pick up artists, but women do it too.

Why should readers care?

To work, the light insult doesn’t have to be disguised as a compliment at all and it can also be used on anyone, not just people the one doing the insulting wants to date.

People on the receiving end of the light insult who lack self-confidence get thrown off and doubt themselves, granting the insulter undue respect, because the insulter comes off as having more competence than he or she really has.

Sometimes, people lacking self-confidence will even vie for the approval of those insulting them. I once knew an artist on deviantArt who closed down her account, opened a new one, and started treating her visitors with a mild rudeness. She told me people wanted to be treated a bit rudely and they would respect her more for it. She did gain a handful of followers who kept coming back for more insults and brusqueness whenever they commented on her art. It wasn’t a large following, but it was there. And, it was pathetic, really, for both the artist and her followers.

As an example of a light insult, one could, I don’t know, comment to a third party about another person, such as an accusation that the other person doesn’t appreciate long-term plots, and then ignore any responses from the person who was on the receiving end of the insult insisting otherwise with sad emojis. The light insults are usually too subtle for mods to notice, but it also helps the game player if the place has inattentive mods, managers, hosts, or whatnot  so that they can more freely insult people.

Be on the lookout for the technique of using light insults. And, if you have a shred of self worth, don’t fall for it.

(In the off-chance the people (or, more likely person with alt accounts) playing games on the forums I am referencing in this blog, don’t get your mivonks in a twist. Wraith fans are more likely to think outside the box and see through tricks. It’s part of the game that a small percent of people will recognize patterns and techniques and not fall for them. As has been written about in books (and demonstrated several times on the forum), most people don’t care about patterns or techniques, even if pointed out to them, and will tolerate games and brusque treatment, happily going into debt to buy items from advertisers who tell them they are inadequate while simultaneously saying the lessons shown in Stargate Infinity are “just for kids.”)