Why Vincent Should Have Returned in a Future SGA Season

In “Travellers,” Vincent gets to go free after restoring Larrin’s lifeforce. Before leaving the room and the ship, Vincent turns around and gets a clear look at John to know exactly who he is. (John’s hair is pretty easy to identify in a galaxy without much hair gel.)

What adventure could come of the encounter in the future?

Vincent is a potential Todd 2.0, a new Wraith ally now that the two of them kept a bargain. John let Vincent go and Vincent went on his way without doubling back and trying to take the ship.

This sows seeds for future alliances, especially if Todd and the New Lanteans can help the Wraith so that their energy needs can be met in a new way. The more Wraith who trust the New Lanteans in bargains, the better. Such an alliance would also be satisfying, because it would be the fruition of good deeds being rewarded.

Even if Vincent would not have negotiated with the New Lanteans directly, seeing him in Todd’s alliance, as a Commander in a hive affiliated with Todd’s, would be fun. And, John would give them plenty to talk about. 😀


Optimists, Pessimists, and Wraith Fans

Optimist: The glass is half full.

Pessimist: The glass is half empty.

Wraith fan: The glass can be refilled. And, refilled with something else next time too. Maybe some vintage Olesian wine. Commander Shawn likes that style. I want a set of silver goblets like the ones he was using. Where can I buy some of those? ^_^

Ever wonder what future generations will think of your works?

Some writers wonder about how their works will stand over time and what aspects of society they take for granted are that people in the future will find laughable or even repellent.

Most of the time, from the pages of the people waxing philosophical about this, one can see that they are 1) not following any blogs of progressive younger people or trying to understand the issues young people face and 2) not in touch with many younger people in general. It shows, because when they and their audience insult younger peoples’ acts of virtue, there are no younger people following to challenge said posts.

Young people are the future, so wondering about a future audience (or feigning to wonder) makes little sense if one already does not care what young people value today.

What themes are on the minds of progressive young people? That mindset is what the future audience is going to embody. Freedom of gender expression. Switching to zero waste and biodegradable items. Cruelty-free living, vegan/fair trade. Tackling violence in school systems. Ending police brutality. These are just some examples.

Those forward-thinking values, which are mistakenly treated as inconsequential to some from older generations, are going to be of increasing importance to younger generations who grapple with growing population density and environmental degradation that past generations handed them. And, they will be passing these preferences for nonviolence on to their children and grand-children who will further advance still more nonviolent preferences. Each generation allows the next to dream bigger and better, more inclusive and more peaceful.

The future is already here. Diversify your subscriptions to include voices of progressive people younger than you, including especially those from different backgrounds than you.

PS: To try to stay up-to-date, whatever violence younger generations want to leave behind them, don’t rebel or try to condone the status quo by offering so-called right ways to do wrong things, as that only draws more attention to the archaic concepts. Search engine algorithms will know it is yesterday’s old news and not rank it very highly. Unless deliberately trying to show how life was in the historical follies of the era, when in doubt, leave it out.

Lack of Diverse Scientists in SGA Shows Lack of Commitment to Nonviolent Solutions

How does it go unquestioned that the Atlantis expedition can send a slew of military personnel and weapons of all kinds, even fully-staffed starships, to respond to the Wraith with violence, yet so few scientists to try to find ways to help the Wraith?

Moreover, SGC is a global organization. So, why is only *one* doctor working with Todd and his delegation on such an important project involving science? Why are there not dozens of doctors and scientists from China, Israel, Japan, UK and USA? A simple Google search shows these nations, for example, have a lot of funding in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc. and I listed them alphabetically to not give any preference.

Jennifer is smart, but one person is not enough for diversity of expertise, idea generation, specialty, and mistake-finding. She only focused tunnel-vision on the work Carson started and Michael continued, but not other solutions, even those not involving altering Wraith bodies, such as how ships sustain Wraith during hibernation and extending that or Legacyverse making humans not age during feeding. Plus, the work has to be solid, else the Wraith going first would die from the treatment and then Pegasus humans would also continue to die.

Moreover, Jennifer isn’t focused on the retrovirus full time. Offworld visits to various villages take up a lot of her time.

The same goes for the Asurans. Why not dozens of programmers from around the world, such as India and Russia, to work to remove the attack code the Ancients put in and the Asurans wanted out (but the New Lanteans had reactivated)?

SGC needs a rebalance, in both priorities and staffing! More non-violent scientists, please, and bring them in from the entire globe, not just a small number white people from the US.

Kenny’s Snarky Response; Wraith Are Not Monolithic

*Found on a wiki article: “The Wraith came to that planet and demanded that all the Balarians be delivered to them.”
Correction: “A Wraith Commander” or “A hive of Wraith.” Dave (fandom-given name) is a Commander who represents one hive or one faction. Not the entire Wraith race.

*Found on a GW article: “On a distant hive ship the Wraith have begun Ronon’s own conversion process”
Correction: The Wraith “has.” Not “have.” Again, Rhys (fandom-given name) is a singular Wraith.

The acts of a few Wraith do not represent those of all Wraith.

Other cultural groups are not to be simplified as monolithic or stereotypical. That is racism and poor writing.

When Todd and John conspired to break from the Genii prison, then one would say “John conspired with Todd,” and not “the Wraith have conspired with the humans.”

Todd does not speak for all Wraith any more than John Sheppard represents all global human cultures, or Westerners, or males, all SGA viewers, or any other group. Todd and John only represent themselves (or those they have valid ambassadorship for, such as their military units or when Todd was given the right at the Lantean table to represent the 7 hives who would later be joining both him and the New Lanteans in a battle against the Asurans).

Asking Kenny what another Wraith hive is doing and expecting him to magically know is to deserve his snarky response: “I do not know. I’m not on the ship.”

What does it mean to “Think as a Wraith fan”?

Seen on a scifi forum, a poster says:  “Just think […], not as a Wraith fan.” ***

But, what does that even mean, to tell someone to think or not to think as a Wraith fan?

On a high level, I would hope “think as a Wraith fan” means not being xenophobic and means putting oneself in place of the Wraith and other native populations of Pegasus and not just the predominately white Western Earthborn humans doing the invading and colonializing. To stop stereotyping others. To look for ways all the races can live alongside one another. This is what more people need to be doing, including and especially about real-life issues, not less.

After that, there are so many Wraith characters that this phrase will mean something different to each Wraith fan. Fans can have different lenses of what it means to live as a Wraith, and, thus, a fan of. Other fans, singing the praises of their favorite characters, give me more to appreciate about the Wraith than I could have ever observed on my own.

*Fans of Queens and Commanders might think of leading others, having to send their hive out into battle to protect home.
*Fans of scientists might think of wormhole physics, workable retroviruses, and stopping the Hoffan plague.
*Fans of military officers might think of bravery, dedication, honor, etc.
*Fans of Bob might think of dart flying skills and gathering intelligence.
*Fans of Kenny might think of staying calm under pressure, a snarky sense of humor, and being open and honest.
*Fans of hybrids and retrovirused Wraith might think of themes of metamorphosis and perseverance.

Yet, we all think as Wraith fans.

To think as a Wraith fan is not something easily defined or simplified, but something delightful.

And, no, I will not stop “thinking as a Wraith fan.” 🙂

***Full quote edited for this site. Trust me when I say that you do not want to know.

How Writers Vs Non-Writers Judge Characters

Looking at the quality of posts coming from Stargate sites, I’ve noticed that fanfic writers tend to be more open-minded and make more thought-provoking posts which are more inclusive and ask questions without blasting blame at characters and also other Stargate fans.

Non-writers tend to march in and loudly judge all the characters, from individuals to entire races, their ideas usually being to kill just about every character off. Well, doesn’t that make for a short and boring series? LOL. And, since when is violence the answer? Thank goodness these people are not judges/jury/executioners or we would all be dead. 😛

Writers know better. They can better put themselves in the places of others to write their perspectives.

Writers also understand that complex characters create intrigue. As one writer said her professor told her class: create characters whose lives are complicated and messed up, like a pile of spaghetti—and then take that and mess it up some more! That makes for more interesting characters and opens plot possibilities to challenge them.

Fellow creatives, keep up your thoughtfulness and insights and keep writing those complex characters. People, including the haters, will be talking about them for years. 😉

***This post was inspired by Michael fans who are also writers, as Michael fans tend to be. They know what they are talking about and one can learn a lot listening to them!