Naming Wraith Does Not Give Lanteans Power

Not sure where this originated, but there is this idea floating around that John Sheppard giving Wraith nicknames gives him “power” over those Wraith.

This is unfounded, mystical, magical, illogical thinking, akin to something one would see out of a spell book or fairy tale, such as Rumpelstiltskin.

If this worked, politicians, who are given all sorts of names every day, would have started to represent their constituents for once. 😛

This seems like a desperate stretch to give the Lanteans so-called “power,” but maybe Lantean fans feel the need to do so, because the Lanteans are using tech that is not their own.
John may find giving common Westernized names, neo-colonialist-style, to Wraith prisoners of war amusing, and/or it may help to alleviate his fears, and/or he might be trying to annoy them, and/or it would help him and the other Lanteans to tell each Wraith apart. But, in no way are the Wraith themselves diminished, individually or culturally.

Conversely, it can be argued that John giving the Wraith nicknames, where no given names were share previously, would individualize them, making them less easy to objectify in the minds of all of the Lanteans. Mother Teresa astutely said, “If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” People giving to charity open their hearts and wallets much more when collections pitches include individual stories and names, from hunger relief funds to companion animal rescue centers. Naming individuals with unique and proper names is the opposite of the mindset of objectifying.

The act of John giving out nicknames is complex and fraught with psychological and political ramifications, more so for the Lanteans than the Wraith, but, with no powers over the Wraith.


Salt Caves

The newest, must-go-to place for Wraith, Queens, and worshippers: salt caves!

Not only are they like hive ship interiors, accent lights, pillars, and lovely colors and all, but they are therapeutic too. A win-win!

Sign me up!!! 😀

(Images collaged from Google search finds.)


Michael vs Teyla Kidnapping

I saw a meme of Michael which made me giggle.

Sort of like a character sheet, part of it read, “Not good with impressing girls (kidnapping is bad, Michael)”


But! To be fair, Teyla and the Lanteans kidnapped him first– and altered his form without his consent– more than once!

And, that was how he came to know Teyla. He saw what it was like to live among her and her friends in Atlantis.

Maybe he thought kidnapping her would make her love him back, based 1) on how he was treated and 2) on how he saw his own feelings change. In his mind’s eye, this technique should work!  Lantean double standards tho.  😛





Downloadable Stargate 3D Printing Files

Lots of Stargate goodies can be found for download and 3D printing at home or your local library at Thingiverse.

Working Stargates, coaster sets, jewelry, and more!

There needs to be more Stargate Atlantis stuff uploaded though! I could not find anything Wraithy. #worshipperproblems #triggered

Stargate Tie-In Books and Audience Reactions and Non-Reactions

The bad news: The books seem to be getting worse with the racism and objectification of Wraith and other races. One recent trilogy was especially full of racist language, coming as a sharp disappointment after the Legacy series. If Wraith and Jaffa can be called “it,” do the authors keep little charts and graphs of when Teal’c is an “it” and when he is not an “it”?

The objectification in the majority of these books also overshadows and even nullifies the progress made in the Legacy books, for both 1) anti-racism and 2) marriage equality.

1) All books subsequently objectifying alien races after Legacy just erases any progress made to bridge cultural gaps and sends the message that the Legacy books and their ideals of syncretism are not to be taken seriously, but can be attempted to be written over and crowded out.

2) Any human or Wraith characters who were written in such as way in Legacy as to insinuate being in LGBTQ+ and/or interracial relationships will be unnoticed, as an audience primed for discrimination will simply not see the relationships there to begin with. Only advocates and allies, those in the echo chamber, might maybe pick up on it, but the majority of the audience will not.

The Legacy books, up to this point, and most of the Legacy stories, have been beacons of hope amidst the objectification of most of the others. But, I worry for the future of the books. Without conscientious objection, things always sink to that of the lowest common denominator when it comes to racism, discrimination, and objectification. There have been hints of bad things to come in some of the recent stories have me worried, in terms of racism, neocolonialism, and harming nonhuman animals. All injustices are interrelated and reinforce one another, sending signals it is OK to mistreat those who are labelled as “others.”

The good news: The lackluster objectification in most of the other books has proven to not spark much imagination or care from fans and said books have been quickly relegated to the dusty corner where they belong. No other book or series gets the attention Legacy gets. Legacy has fan art and fanfics, entire threads in scifi boards, and even RPGs, spanning multiple nations and languages. I hope Legacy writers will continue to keep their formula and not start letting regressive notions creep into their books, going to the same ignored fate as the other books. Audiences around the world have proven we demand brighter and better!

Wraith Role Models are Never Ending

Two of my once-favorite fitness role models are changing for the worst and are starting to become stereotypical bullying jocks of sorts, making fun of others. They forgot where they came from. Good thing I have other role models, including others for fitness!

In life, it is beneficial to have many role models for different facets of living (e.g., finances, fitness, relationships, work, skilled trades, etc.). One person can’t do it all or know it all, not us, our parents, our significant others, or other friends. This liberates us and our loved ones from undue expectations of being everything to everyone and puts the power in our hands to seek, learn, and to accomplish. Having several role models also means there are always more to fall back on as others move away, pass on, or change.

The role models don’t have to be people we know, neither in person nor from our home towns, and don’t even have to know they are our role models either. We can learn from others from afar, though watching, reading autobiographies, etc.

As role models come and go, fictional characters are always there, as stable guideposts for the qualities we admire.

That is one good thing about an ended scifi series such as SGA: there can be nothing done to tarnish the characters.

The archetypal traits we admire about our favorite Wraith are forever crystallized in time– truly never-ending.

Incorrect Vanir Comment about Wraith Tolerance

In TLT, a Vanir misspeaks to Daniel, saying, The Wraith do not tolerate the presence of advanced technologies other than their own.”

Incorrect. The Wraith lived alongside the Asurans for 10,000 years– even though Asuran culture was similar to Ancient culture and even though the Asurans built a great city, powered by ZPMs.

What is the Vanir hiding in this sentence: “With both the Wraith and the Ancients occupied, we were free to conduct our experiments. Unfortunately the hostilities came to an end sooner than we’d thought and with an unexpected result.” ?

The Vanir didn’t care about the deaths they caused, to any beings or planets. My guess is that the Vanir were experimenting on the Wraith, as Loki had on humans, and thought they would get away with it as long as the Ancients prevailed.

“Before we knew what was happening, we were under attack.” Well, yes. The Wraith can only be expected to fight back, against the Ancients, the Vanir, or anyone else who threatens them.

“We lost our intergalactic ships in the first battle and we did not have the resources to build more.” Good. And good for those 10,000 years with them in hiding too. If only they would have stayed in hiding.