Todd and Jareth’s Ship Knowledge and Possible Keeper Status

In Allies, Erik says, “Before the civil war, there were Keepers who maintained the entire fleet, but they have made their own alliances.”

Presumably, these ship maintainers were precious few, and Todd and Jareth were probably among them, because Karl suggests to Laura in Spoils of War, in regards to the Wraith tech cloning facility, “His understanding of this technology is impressive. You may wish to keep him alive.” This is major because 1) Todd would be a rival male in knowledge and commandership abilities and 2) he would probably be looking for revenge for his fallen hive and would need to be jailed and guarded. If Todd had been pretending to have a Queen on board at that point, his ruse would have been discovered during the overtaking, proving him untrustworthy.

Todd had also been captured by Genii before meeting John, having been “many years ago,” meaning he was awake when others were hibernating, possibly to watch over the ships. With his knowledge, it is unlikely he was cheating the hibernation system with an arrangement like Shawn had with the Olesian magistrate.

Todd says in Enemy at the Gate, “I put my best scientists to work on this project and recently one of them succeeded.” Was Todd helping the scientists? What was the expertise of the scientists? Did Todd attract other precious few Keepers to his alliance? Was Jareth’s ship knowledge and/or Ancient tech knowledge better than even Todd’s, that Jareth succeeded where others did not?


New Stargate Command Site and Origins Series

For crying out loud, why do they have to go backwards on everything!?

The old Stargate website was vastly superior to the new Stargate Command one. There were dozens of behind-the-scenes videos and hundreds or thousands of backstage photos. Todd even had his own page there. Why could they not have tacked on the streaming and new series to the site they previously had? Stargate has been off the air for so many years, it is the die-hard fans who care who are left, the types who already have the DVDs or Blurays, who won’t need streaming except for Origins, and who wanted all that extra fan stuff for art and fanfic references—not some cheap, watered down, unorganized, endlessly scrolling site!

As for Origins: meh. Besides no Wraith, the setting goes backwards, in both lack of ‘gate travel and social norms. What is Stargate without being able to explore new worlds? It is also hard to get excited about an era where women and people with darker skin tones are treated inequitably, with colonialism, cruelty to fellow animals, no indoor clean air acts, no marriage equality, etc. Ugh. SG1 fixed the mistakes of the original movie with Teal’c and Sam being an integral part of the team. Casting the actor who portrayed Michael isn’t going to help any of this. I might eventually watch Origins, if I can find a way to view it in a part of the world where streaming isn’t available, but will be in no hurry.

So, maybe Fandy going backwards by publishing books with anti-Wraith racism after Legacy only fits the backwards pattern.

One of the letdowns with Stargate vs other scifi franchises it is always decades behind, socially, while others are more forward-thinking, even ahead of the curve in some.

Rather than to go back in time, I would rather see a reboot and/or new series with social responsibility, environmental sustainability care, more Asian characters, from China and India especially, to match the modern global economy, and equitable treatment of both alien races who are part human and species who are not human. All the best special effects in the world won’t do any good if the social progress portrayed is not also up-to-speed.

Teyla Trying Access Bob’s Mind

Putting myself in Bob’s place, Teyla trying to read his mind had to have been extra annoying, even more than it was for the others back on the hive.

Bob was a prisoner of war. His body was confined, but his mind was free. To have someone try to invade his mind at such a time is insult added to injury.

I would have given Teyla a massive headache for that too!!!

Legacy Wiki Entries Are More Enlightened Than General Stargate Entries

In the entries I looked at, Legacy wiki writers have been treating Wraith characters with respect and using the proper pronouns for the Wraith that the Wraith use to identify themselves.

How refreshing! This is how the entire fandom– and real life– should be.

Changing the Narratives in Discussions about Wraith

Sometimes, when Wraith pics are posted on sites which allow comments, a few comments will show up disparaging Wraith. Less so nowadays, post-Legacy, but it still happens.

But! It has been observed that all it takes is for one person to interrupt the incorrect narrative and to truthfully say, quite simply, “Wraith are not evil though.”

The entire conversation shifts, with people admitting that the Wraith didn’t have a choice, Legacy was great, Wraith are good-looking, Todd rocks, etc.  I’ve seen it happen multiple times.

The same with other issues we know are incorrect, such as bullying, oppression, hate, and violence to those who are being othered. Bystanders feel freer to stand up for the right thing too. Always remember that your voice matters!

Near Absence of Wraithlings and Other Children in Scifi

Why was only Ellia shown onscreen? Where were all the Wraith children?

Have you ever noticed that, with onscreen races who are passed off as villains, rarely do we get to see their children?

Often, only strong, military-aged males are presented, such as the Bola Kai.

Often, no explanations are given either.

Granted, some races would be cloned or manufactured, but, sometimes there are older characters among them, such as Oberoth… so, shouldn’t there be younger characters too, if there are older ones?

It isn’t very realistic. Is it so we are supposed to feel less sympathy when they are killed or to not feel sorry for the families left behind?

This is an oddity with many science fiction and fantasy franchises, movies, and stories, not only Stargate.

Ardent, Privilege, and Fate

(Spoilers ahead for the main Legacy arc. Turn back now if you haven’t read the books and don’t want spoilers.)

After all these years of having read the main Stargate Atlantis Legacy arc, the Wraith character Ardent still comes to mind– quite often! It seems tragic for him to have been killed, because he was so young and relate-able.

Through the sheer accidents of birth every being faces, he was put in a place of privilege with his race’s technology and his being the younger brother to a powerful Queen. As his sister was, likely, the both of them were being constantly exposed to the bigotry of Ashes as well as unearned accolades and adoration from all the adults around them, reveling in their supposed superiority. Falling in the shadow of his older, but still young, sister, he seemed to ride on the coattails of her reputation and the reputation of his lineage, too sure of the power of their hive for him to properly do his job at watch. Was he afraid to report any less-than-good news to his sister? Was saying it was too trifling just an excuse to lay low, half-heartedly supporting the myth of their hive’s greatness?

His world view all came from his environment, from the adults around him. He was railroaded into his fate, a cog in the machine. Moving on from such prearranged life would be almost an unseen option. Who would mentor him to let him know there were other ways and to give him courage to try? Who would show him truth for him to be able to recognize it? He can’t do better until he knows better. Where would he go? What hive would trust him after what his sister did or how long to gain that trust? What hive would be thrilled with him if he didn’t have the best training? He would be going from superstar status to charity case and outcast, stranger in a new hive with little to offer. In his place, even if we were able to recognize the bad situation, how many of us have the courage to face such odds and go begging from hive to hive to be allowed to move in?

In his last scene, he was feeling conflicted about detaining Guide and Teyla-in-disguise and had let them pass, admiring Teyla-in-disguise’s strength. So, he knew that his sister’s hive and their orders might not always be honorable or correct. Also, previously, he had shown morality in disagreeing with Teyla-in-disguise’s starting a battle with the other hive in “The Queen”, incorrectly blaming Guide for it. She is the one with blood on her hands, but no one condemns Teyla to death. To leave him there like that, presumed dead in an explosion, is not satisfying.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s war,” some say, “and young people die all the time in war. That is part of the evil and tragedy of war.” But, the way Teyla-in-disguise had touched his face, leaving blood on him, it was like he was a marked man, foreshadowing his death and passing judgement on him, as if the blood of others were upon him. Nothing he did personally stands out as terrible other than continuing to live his sister’s city ship and bragging. I felt bad enough for Dust, as he only did what the Lanteans did to Michael (twice!) and no one condemns the Lanteans to death. Ronon was as uncooperative with Michael as Ardent was with Quicksilver, but Ronon gets a free pass. Plus, for crying out loud, Ashes survives it all, whose fault it was so many were lost on all sides and Ardent’s home was so messed up. Surely, Ardent was redeemable?

Because, doesn’t similar things happen to us all, as humans, every day?

What about our privileges, including ones we may not even be aware of? How many ways have we all been told by elders, corporations, governments, and religious figures, people we trusted, that our privilege over others was normal, natural, necessary, and nice? Over women, over undocumented workers, over nonhuman fellow animals… even if it is making life bad for us all and killing our planet?

Sometimes, I feel I am standing in Ardent’s boots, for any trespasses I have made to others, knowingly or unknowingly, just because of privileges derived from my birth place and lies handed down to me. We have all done dumb stuff. Sometimes, we were caught and sometimes not. Sometimes, others encouraged the mistakes. But, surely, none of us deserve to die for being lied to and for being born into such a system, such as to Ardent was?! Surely, we can all do better and a free internet and access to information and truth to enable us to make better choices and leave lies and privilege behind?

Condemning Ardent is condemning ourselves and our loved ones and not looking ahead for better. So, his fate has always bothered me, all these years. It bothered others, too, because there was at least one fanfic to rewrite him going to Guide’s hive to learn and to live his full potential. Maybe Ardent resonates because we all should have a chance to become better, and we should strive to be better, no matter how old we are or whatever mistakes we have made in the past. He is mirror to the mistakes of the Lanteans’ past and a symbol of us all.

If Furies had come out when petition sites were widely used, and I had had better skills in expressing observations about social constructs that I have been working to develop to advocate for others, I would have made one to ask for him to reappear in later book, starting a new life with better teachers, in Waterlight’s or Alabaster’s hives. He had submitted to Teyla-in-disguise, everyone was dead all around him, and he would have no reason to stay standing there, but to move, maybe even off the hive, to seek out Steelflower’s faction. Maybe he escaped the ship explosion…? Plot bunnies, anyone?

On that note, I would like to see more stories about characters who do get out from their birthplaces or past mistakes, when their illusions have been lifted, and to see them thrive as positive role models. Less of perfect Mary Sues and Gary Stus and more real people. More fanfics of Ardent getting away too.