Blog Posts in Support of Wraith

In Defense of Wraith Culture:

Yes, Wraith have art. No, Wraith are not evil.

Oberoth Needs Some Education

How I Discovered Wraith and Why This Hobby

Things Ellia and Zaddik Show Us About Love

Simplicity and Freedom in Wraith Culture

Thoughts on Wraith Personhood

To Love Wraith Tech is to Love Nature

In Defense of Both Commanders and Queens

The Lone Good Wraith Trope

Not Anthropomorphizing, Just Listening

The “I-Only-Like-Todd” People

Dear People Misgendering Wraith as “It”

Even Ronon Refers to Wraith as People and Uses Proper Pronouns

Earth Humans are the Aliens in the Pegasus Galaxy

Woolsey’s Quote About “Clean” Hands

The Lone Good Wraith Trope Part 2: Todd is not to be Tokenized

Alienizing Wraith is Still Humanizing Wraith

Duration Neglect and a Peak-End Effect in Judging Characters and Races

Neurotypical Bias in Stargate Atlantis

From Either/Or to Both/And for Wraith Physical Features

Cultural Observations and Possibilities:

Iratus Bug Elements in Wraith Uniforms

On Wraith Names

Hive Ships as Possible Feeding Solutions

Wraith and Water

Floral Sculptures in Hives: Form or Function?

If Earth Had Rings like the Rising Wraith Home World

Wraith and Ancient Similarities and Art Concept Origins

Telepathic Does Not Mean Superior

We Are All Animals

Goa’uld Tech and Wraith Feeding

Pointy Teeth and Legacy Wraithlings

Dreadlocks are a Hairstyle

Growing Into Problem Solving; Todd’s Crew

No, It’s NOT in their DNA

Errors in Stargate Wikis about the Wraith

Art, Sculpture, and Graphic Design in Wraith Culture

Colorful Patterns of Nature in Wraith Homes

Untranslatable Emotions

Scifi Shines in Body Transformation Themes

Could Humans Experience Wraith Senses and Beyond?

Odd Teyla Quote

“Underneath All That”

Odd Carson Quote

Michael Laying His Hand on Teyla

Insignia on Michael’s Belt Buckle

Mortality and Appreciation of Life

The Plural Form of Wraith

Capitalizing the Names of Wraith Ship Types?

Wraith Do Not Have Warts

Wraith Do Not Have Bad Breath

Incorrect Vanir Comment about Wraith Tolerance

Michael vs Teyla Kidnapping

Naming Wraith Does Not Give Lanteans Power

Lantean Ship Euphemisms

The Value of Kenny’s Skeptic, Contrarian Role

Todd and Jareth’s Ship Knowledge and Possible Keeper Status

Conversation about Compassion in Infection: Todd: 4, Jennifer: 0

Kenny Did Not Betray Todd

Primary Akasha’s Quote About Precautions

Wraith Use of Earth-Derived Honorific Titles

Musings About Iratus Bugs

Musings About Masked Warrior Autonomy

Keeping Wraith Unknown and Mysterious?

Job Fluidity in the Hives

Unproven Wraith Abilities

Is the Concept of Hell a Part of Pegasus Religion?

If Rhys Had Been in Charge in Rising

Wraith Using Words John Supposedly Makes Up?

Types of Wraith Worshippers

Todd’s Openness About Giving the Gift of Life to John and Other Humans

Insignia on Michael’s Belt Buckle Pt 2

Season 5 Todd and AU Season 5 Todd Eye Ridge Variance

Facility from Reunion and The Last Man

Gordon and Darrel Escaped

Wraith Finger Armor-Like Pieces Grown by Hiveships

Teyla’s First Tries Connecting to Wraith on Hives

Does Michael Currently Have the Look He Wants?

Does Michael and/or His Hybrid Army Currently Have the ATA Gene?

What Was Dave the Wraith Reading?

How Is the Wraith Tech Weakness Safe from Teyla’s Telepathy?

What Was in Michael’s Backpack?

Dart Interiors Also Change Colors

Helia vs the Rising Hologram on Ancient and Wraith History

The City of Atlantis as a Symbol of Oppression to Pegasus Citizens

Wraith Holster Formation and Butterfly Wings

Kenny’s Snarky Response; Wraith Are Not Monolithic

Why Vincent Should Have Returned in a Future SGA Season

Wraith are Warm-Blooded and Bleed Red

Did Bug Shep’s ATA Gene Still Work?

How did Spike set up his communication equipment?

Why did earlier season hive ships have sand in them?

How nomadic or spacefaring are the Wraith?

Thoughts on Humans with Wraith DNA and Telepathy

Wraith Are Not “Soul-Sucking”

Could the Nox help the Wraith?

Eye Pupil Variances in Stargate Atlantis

How Do Stargate Wraith Get Scars?

Seating Onboard Wraith Ships

Wraith Door Design

To Leave a Feeding Mark or Not to Leave a Feeding Mark

Spotlight on Wraith Side Burns

Spotlight on Wraith Ear Accessories

Why the Wraith Can’t Be Coded as Just White or Goth

Wraith Elements of Wraith Worshipper Clothing

Two Intriguing Fan Theories about Wraith Sensuality

Lifeforce Sharing, Wraith and Ancient Styles

Asymmetrical Variances in Retroviruses

Density of Masked Warriors’ Masks

Yes Wraith Hands Are Safe to Shake

Wraith Starvation vs Willpower

Miscellaneous Wraithy Inspiration:

When It’s Dark, Look for Stars

Viewpoint Contextual Art

Martial Arts Wisdom Applied to SGA Wraith

Feed Your Dreams

Some Daydreaming

No Feeding in the Park?

50 Things Not to Do On a Wraith Hiveship

Wraithy Cat Nap

Wraithy Product Finds

Beautiful Bioluminescent Caves

River of Five Colors

Ice Castles

Polyphonic Singing

Tai Chi with Colorful Light Backgrounds

Rescuing Stray Insects

Glider Planes or Sail Planes

Cetaceans and Image Projecting

Salt Caves

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Magic Rock Crystal Growing Kits

Creating and Analyzing Characters and Settings:

Stargate Wraith Cinquains

Because of and In Spite of for Characters

Power of Color in Story Telling

DiSC Personality Types and Johari Window for Characters

Intersectionality for SciFi Settings

Powerful Poses for Characters

Wraithy Inspiration Checklist

Get Started and Keep Creating Stargate Wraith Fanworks

Blessings and Curses of Legacy and RPGs in Fanworks

Auditory Manipulation in SGA

The Time for Progressive Fan Works is NOW

Any Time is a Good Time for Wraith and Human Romance Fanfics

Praising Earth Human Audiences: Cheap Psychology and Writing

Speciesist Anachronism Errors in Science Fiction

Flash Fiction for Stargate Fanworks

Need for Equality of Women in Scifi Fanfiction Relationships

Stilted Speech and Othering Native Pegasus Cultures

Stargate Name Generators for Wraith Fanfiction

Everybody Needs a Wraith OC

Using [sic] to Denote Misgendering in Quotations

What to Do About Post-War Wraith Who Resist Change?

How Writers Vs Non-Writers Judge Characters

What does it mean to “Think as a Wraith fan”?

Kintsukuroi and Characters

Hiveship Interior Comfort Setting Considerations

Hoffan Plague Considerations for SGA Fanfic Settings

What is canon for Stargate Atlantis?

How Can a Self-Reflecting Character Know if They Are Good or Evil?

Erasure of Conscientious Objectors in Entertainment

Neurotypical Bias in Stargate Atlantis

Range of Tooth Sharpness in Wraith Fanfics

Misused Words in Science Fiction: Sentient, Sapient, Intelligent, Speciesism, Uninhabited

Hair Color Tropes About Women to Avoid

Ageist Tropes About Women from Fairy Tales to Avoid

The Biggest Reason for Not Worrying About Perfectionism in Fanworks

The Forced “We”: Cheap Psychology and Writing

Favorite Quotes from Art and Fear

Fandom Etiquette: Avoiding Character Identity Politics