American Mythology Season 6 Comics

These comics were crowdsource-funded on Kickstarter. They are not be based on either Legacy or the Extinction script, but a different story arc after season 5 left off. Printed editions can be bought from American Mythology’s webpage, online dealers such as Midtown Comics, and brick and mortar comic book shops. Besides traditional print form, the comics are also available digitally, in Comixology and Kindle formats, and sold on Amazon. Amazon was quick and hassle-free for me to return a format which was not compatible with my Kindle.

Wraith presence: Not so much as of issue 10/12. So far, just Todd every now and then with a few random Wraith from an early flashback scene. The Queen on the Kickstarter video has not appeared (fingers crossed and hoping she does so I can make fan art of her.) Also, the officer on the cover of Gateways 3 has not appeared. Those might just be unrelated cover art to celebrate SGA as a whole and not indicate comic story contents.

Wraith treatment: As of issue 10/12, has been just, eh, OK for Todd who has been shown. Wraith noses are often wrong, but there is more than one artist drawing and inking them and fans of human characters had similar observations, but human character likenesses improved and Wraith kept varying. It depends on the artist. Lots of whumping, as Teal’c seemed to get a lot in SG1, but Todd has been dignified through Shen and endearing with his style of humor. John x Todd shippers won’t be happy, though, and I question John’s reactions after “Common Ground.” Keeping Todd locked up in the brig, rather than having his own room, as he had progressed to in “Infection” and “EATG,” is also questionable.

Keep in mind that not all fans consider any of the books canon and most haven’t read them, including for cost and language barriers. The American Mythology comics, the Legacy books, and the extinction script all present possible season 6 options and most fans say canon is only what was in the live-action episodes.

Keep in mind also that just about every issue is delayed, for months, and fans such as me don’t know the new release dates. Your guess is as good as mine as to the new dates and I check comic book shops a few times a week to see if new issues are there are not and then update my page within that day I find out about a new release.

The main 12-part SGA story arc with Wraith:

Season 6, Episode 1: “Back to Pegasus”
Issue 1: Back to Pegasus part 1, release date 4/2016, Todd shown in season 5 recap only
Issue 2: Back to Pegasus part 2, release date 6/2016, Todd gets some action time
Issue 3: Back to Pegasus part 3, release date 8/2016, Todd gets draw time telling a flashback scene with some random Wraith

Season 6, Episode 2: “Gateways” (continues where Episode 1: “Back to Pegasus” left off)
Issue 4: Gateways part 1, release date 11/2016, no Wraith at all in this one *hiss*
Issue 5: Gateways part 2, release date 2/2017, Todd is in 1 page
Issue 6: Gateways part 3, release date 3/2017, Wraith on 3 cover variants, Todd in action on 7 pages, whumping.

Season 6, Episode 3: “Hearts and Minds” (continues where Episode 2: “Gateways” left off)
Issue 7: Hearts and Minds part 1, release date 5/2017, no Wraith at all in this one *hiss*
Issue 8: Hearts and Minds part 2, release date 8/2017, no Wraith at all in this one *hiss*
Issue 9: Hearts and Minds part 3, release date 11/2017, two cover variants have Wraith, but no Wraith at all in this one *hiss*

Season 6, Episode 4: “Singularity” (continues where Episode 3: “Hearts and Minds” left off and wraps up the previous episodes 1-3)
Issue 10: Singularity part 1, release date 3/2018, no Wraith at all in this one *hiss*
Issue 11: Singularity part 2 (tentative release date was missed but the Midways Comics shop says July 25th and can be added to shopping carts as of July 19th)
Issue 12: Singularity part 3 (tentative release date was missed and there are delays)

Anthologies with Wraith:

SGA/SGU Anthology Ongoing #1: tentative release date 9/2018 but known for delays. Conflicting storyline info. Some articles say to have a “chilling Wraith story” called ‘Wraith Sense’ in which “Teyla must rely upon her innate abilities to survive in a nightmarish Wraith hive.” That does not sound good for Wraith fans. Hopefully not Wraithfall 2.0. A more recent site says, “And fan favorites Chuck and Walter are back to tell their side of the mis-adventure they lived through during the events of the SGA Hearts & Minds series.”

Other Books and Info:

*SGA/SGU Anthology One Shot #1: release date 2/2018, no Wraith at all in this one. It occurs 2 weeks before Back to Pegasus, as a mini-side plot and is not tied into the main arc. It almost seemed like something made for cameos with all the unrecognizable characters, as bonus material. Buyers of Wraith stuff only and/or on a budget might want to skip this one. Other fans complained they felt this one was a waste. This is a different anthology than the newer “Ongoing” one.

*There are also 2 trade paper backs, volume one 1 already being out, which combines the above story arc into 2 parts, rather than 12 parts. Volume 2 will be out after Singularity wraps up. Tentative release date 9/26/2018. These are not new stories, but are compilations of previous releases.)))

*There are also Reader Set trade paper backs, according to this article, in smaller issues, each collecting an “episode” of 3 issues. For example, here is the Gateways Reader Set. These are not new stories, but are compilations of previous releases.

*There will possibly be another episode, possibly a crossover titled “To Align the Stars,” based on this tweet: and this tweet. “JCVaughn1 and I are rocking #7-12 of #stargate #atlantis as well as consulting on a special mini-series from our pal @lmoroney! Stay tuned!” “Align the Stars is still coming down the road. It is a stand-alone arc.” Not sure if Wraith would be featured or not.

*There is a Back to Pegasus Tshirt with tentative release date of 7/4/2018, but the design is not yet known. Will delete this entry if it ends up not being Wraith related.

Links of interest:

Digital copies for sale: ComiXology store from Amazon:

Paper copies for sale at Midtown Comics online store (I have had good service here so far):

Paper copies for sale at American Mythology website store (caveat: as of 3/2017 no customer service email or phone number and no contact info)(Keep scrolling down for Stargate; they are scattered and there is no search feature):!shop/c23w7

The Kickstarter campaign page:

The Kickstarter video with samples of inked pages:

The Twitter hashtag for the project is #BackToPegasus

An artist pencil drawing for the campaign perks, with Todd, Sally, and a drone:

An artist pencil stage sketch of a cover:

An artist rendition of Shawn or someone who looks similar to Shawn,in a different uniform:

An artist Twitter post of an inked page, under the account Wolfman791:

Art of the recap of season 5 with Todd in it:

One of the covers for #2, Todd looking all epic:

A full view of the cover with the grey beings, which was shown in partial pano in the Kickstarter video:

The 3 cover variants for Gateways #3 with Wraith (click the thumbnails for larger resolution):

Artist sketch of the Gateways #3 with the Rhys-looking officer on the cover:

Gallery of all the cover variants. Click on each issue name to see the various cover options and click the thumbnails to see larger sizes: