Big Finish Productions Audiobooks

Big Finish productions has a series of SGA audiobooks, narrated by the cast of the show. The standalone episodes take place in between the television episodes.

The audiobooks can be purchased here:
Note: Unfortunately, for those with hearing impairments, the customer service department says the discs do not come with transcripts.

Nothing too exciting for the Wraith fans, to be honest.

***”Perchance to Dream” by is audiobook #1.4, narrated by Paul McGill1on. It is about 1 hour long and broken into 14 chapters of a few minutes each, along with an interview with the actor in chapter 15.

Short summary: While in a seemingly ill and dream-like state, Carson witnesses a virus-like sickness impacting the Lanteans and encounters a shadow-like being roaming through the city.

Wraith featured: There is a Wraith Queen.

Wraith treatment: So-so. Carson feels sympathy for the Wraith, but the Wraith gets the typical SGA-style treatment and ending. 😦

***”A Necessary Evil” is audiobook #1.2, narrated by Torri Higgins0n. It is about 1 hour long and broken into 13 chapters of a few minutes each, along with an interview with the actress in chapter 14.

Short summary: Team Shep investigates a planet with phase shift technology and a Wraith hive appears while they are visiting. Elizabeth acts as a negotiator when the planet’s inhabitants battle over what to do about solving the resource scarcity problem created by the very phase shift technology hiding them from the Wraith.

Wraith featured: One Wraith interacts with the characters in a brief scene

Wraith treatment: Started off promising with Weir thinking about how the Wraith should be treated as individuals, but it didn’t last. The Wraith met up-close is treated two-dimensionally, described with xenophobia, and treated as simple cannon fodder, with the phrase and objectifying pronoun it in “Kill it.” 😦 At least the hiveship full of other Wraith gets to fly away.