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This is the least visited page on this site, because Wraith fans learned the hard way, spending time and money, only to get constant death and insults directed at our beloved characters. Even the Wraithfall review gets more visits. LOL! The bar is that low.

Content warning: anti-Wraith racism, xenophobia, speciesism, misgendering, objectification with killing, and imperialism and neo-colonialism.

These are my opinions as a Wraith fan and also someone used to more progressive and modern movies where those who look different are heroes too. Please note that going forward, I am boycotting paying for or reading most Fandy books, due to the anti-Wraith racism in them. The speciesism and neocolonialism are awful too. If a friend happens to have a copy I can see or the books are at a store or library, I will flip through them and scan for Wraith presence, but I refuse to give financial support for books which spread hate. I would not put up with this in fanfics and there are many more talented fanfic writers out there who post for free and without racism. I scan them only for completest sake, if others still want to buy them, but most Wraith fans do not bother for good reason. More on that on this post. If things ever get better, I will revise this page. Until then…

The books are characterized by outdated language and overall bad writing, such as saying Wraith have bad breath (a puerile way of cheapening opponents), misgendering and objectifying them by calling them non-canon “it” (rather than the pronouns they use for themselves), and praising the human race (which has nothing to do with the stories but plays in the pride of the human audience). I am not that desperate for Stargate items that I will pay for such bad quality either! As time goes by, with social progress, these books get more and more embarrassing by the year. Frell! No other modern fandom has these problems! Why are Stargate fans presented with such junk for merchandise?

Some of the more recent ones even blend this bigoted language with Legacy terminology and Legacy is also not as great as it used to be as a result of this merging. Tip: Google book titles you are thinking about buying, along with the word “wraith” and Amazon previews often come up with instances of that word highlighted. If there are passages misgendering them “it,” “thing,” or “creature,” make up non-canon insults such as bad breath, and so forth, then you might want to reconsider.

These books are standalone stories, occurring at various times between episodes, pre or post seasons, or as AUs. Keep in mind also most fans do not read these or consider them canon. Thank the stars!

List of Fandemonium Books with Wraith


A novelization of the original script for the pilot episode and has some differences compared to what was filmed. There are a few black and white screencaps in the center, including 2 of Queen Sally and 1 with a masked warrior. Wraith appearances were very different than what was on the show, maybe referring to older concept art: zombie-like, dead black eyes instead of cat eyes, lank hair instead of flowing hair, powder white skin instead of green skin, and smell like decay. Not the Wraith!

“The Chosen”

Pure cannon fodder with no development. Gruesome, violent deaths in battle by being burned alive and disgusting torture endured by two near the end of the book. Holy Iratus, these Wraith were just trying to rescue young Queens. Sad! One of the crashed dart pilots speaks, but as a joke, made into Monty Python’s Black Knight. Wraith are called ‘gruesome creatures’ and ‘repulsive.’ John wonders about justice that the Wraith kill to survive, but what of humans who kill fellow animals for greed? McKay says, “They were larvae, babies, whatever you call these things when they’re young.” This is speciesism and objectification, trying to use the word ‘larva’ as an insult (there is nothing wrong with baby butterflies!) and calling children as ‘things.’ WTF?!!! Where is the justice indeed.


The main Wraith character, Scar, was abused and his body disfigured as a result of that violence and most of the Wraith end up being cannon fodder. Sometimes, especially when humans are not around, they are portrayed as thinking, feeling beings, such as in the first chapter. To the team, they are portrayed as objectified cannon fodder. Quite a bit of abuse throughout due to a pesky Ancient device and Wraith being killed for so-called “sport.” Blood is depicted as non-canon black and oily instead of red.

“Blood Ties”

No Wraith, but human hybrids. Some are presented as protagonists, but the death toll is high. Presents the idea that lifeforce give and take might be pleasurable if both parties consent (one of the few interesting and agreeable points in all these books but Wraith fans already had that idea and ran with it).


Wraith scenes are about every 30 pages or so, and features a Queen, a scientist, and officers, but most of them end up being cannon fodder. Sometimes, especially when humans are not around, they are portrayed as thinking, feeling beings and show emotion. To the team, they are portrayed as objects in the way and/or to be taught a lesson, in spite of being set after ‘Common Ground.’ Wraith are called “sore losers” when they are starving and being genocided by alien invaders from another galaxy.

“Death Game”

The small faction of selfish, game-playing Wraith are pretty much cannon fodder with little interaction and acting in away that does not correspond to their feeding needs, such as the awful Wraithfall comics: they torment humans and waste life. This story is set before ‘Common Ground’ and before Teyla understands more about her Wraith DNA. There are snippets of what telepathy could be like and how people with Wraith DNA are othered throughout Pegasus.


The Lanteans find a large Quantum mirror and meet AU Wraith they must trust to get back home. Treats the Wraith in our reality as simplistic and evil but treats the Wraith in the alternate reality as having the capacity to do either good or evil. Some relate-able characters who are not all killed off.
Eidolon (Wraith) names in Entanglement:
Trishen: daughter of the Matriarch (Queen)
Kethel: older male, very skeptical
Caras: younger male
Edane: younger male with more human-like facial features, very curious about both humans and Wraith from the Lanteans’ reality


Looks to be spaceship battle cannon fodder only.

“Hunt and Run”

About Ronon, a flashback story within a story. The V’rdai are the main antagonists. The Wraith are mainly ones who hunted Ronon in flashback, before the arrival of the New Lanteans. Most of them end up being cannon fodder because they are hunting Ronon, but those Wraith knew what they were getting into by stalking him. The misgendering, impersonal pronoun “it” is used. Ronon did not misgender on the show. Some Wraith make over-the-top taunts not seen on the show. It was said forest animals instinctively fear Wraith and hide from them; but, on the show, wildlife thrived on top of Sally’s dormant hive, nature was beautiful near Rhys’s facility, and those glowing insect-like beings could not get enough of Greg. Claims Wraith dislike climbing trees especially when danger lurks, but Elric did just that in “Instinct” and both Iratus bug and human ancestors are climbers. ****In spite of Todd being on the cover of this book, Todd is NOT featured, which goes to show how Wraith are treated as fungible objects by most of these books.***


Looks like battles with Wraith as cannon fodder, no character development, and also newly-created beings with some Wraith DNA mixed in. Meh.

“Far Horizons”

An anthology of SGA and SG1 stories. Wraith-related stores:
===Short summary of “Consort (see Legacy books section) The only reason to buy this book is this story.
***Short summary of “Blade of Atlantis”: a post-Legacy short story set during “The Seige.” More so about Torren and his Wraith heritage, no main Wraith characters. Has Wraith deaths (the same ones from the episode). Neutral, because Torren doesn’t want to harm, but not a reason for Wraith fans to spend money.
###Short summary of “Bone Music”: atmospheric properties render Wraith Tech sensors useless and the people living on the shore have some odd rituals and festivals. A masked warrior is shown near the end, not much screen time and as cannon fodder.
I conscientiously object to having to paying for one story amid others which promote racism.


Crossover SG1/SGA book in the SG1 book series. Looks like only brief cannon fodder appearances near the end, first ships to blow up, then dart pilots to kill after that. Wraith are described with the insulting and misgendering impersonal pronoun “it” and with unsavory phrases. Darts are said to have a “musty stench,” their tech is said to be “disgusting,” and Wraith are said to smell like their leather coats and “Chinese takeout decomposing in the fridge.” Come on, really? In the episodes McKay would have been the first to complain if Wraith smelled badly and Wraith refer to humans and themselves as people and the males as male, not “it” (see “Submersion,” “Spoils of War” and “The Seer”).

Apocalypse Series
“Hostile Ground” Book #1 of 3 in the Apocalypse series
“Exile” Book #2 of 3 in the Apocalypse series
“Insurrection” Book #3 of 3 in the Apocalypse series.

SG1 humans (not SGA) end up on a barren, wintry world with Wraith and Goa’uld. Over a dozen named OC Wraith, called Amam by the humans, from 2 different factions. In book 2, the Wraith suddenly get Legacy-style names (which tricked me into buying these books).  This series is a yo yo. Something between Legacy and the cannon fodder books. Too many insults to enjoy the better parts. Constantly all the time constantly. Sad, because this could have really been a good story if the load of disparaging and xenophobic comments were cleaned up. There were a few endearing moments and one Queen makes it clear her mentally ill scientist is to be respected, for instance. But, all demographics and groups deserve respect, including other races and species.

Non-canon stuff and non-Legacy compliant stuff includes: Wraith have the ability to blend into the night and forest, to kind of disappear and reappear even when walking in groups right beside them. Fur has never been part of Wraith culture on the show, though, and Queens have never needed to cover up like that. Wraith emphasize their Iratus bug heritage in their clothing, not mammalian fur the way cavemen or Bola Kai do or some video about popping tags in Goodwill to get an ugly coat for 99 cents. The warrior caste is larger but not described as wearing masks in the first book, but are in later books. There seems to be a male with black hair. Wraith blood is black here, but was red on the show and green in Legacy. Wraith eyes are said to work less well in daylight, but the Defiant One, Todd, the Midway Wraith, the runner hunters, and so forth didn’t seem to have a problem any lighting condition. Neither Iratus bugs nor humans do, so why would Wraith? And, if they did see better in the dark, why would the name Shadow be negative? There are said to be nest-mates. Does this mean no live births? Possible insult to Legacy’s Ember: One of Ember’s outfits was embroidered in copper, in a pattern of whirling atomic particles. Yet, the antagonist Queen wears an embroidered dress the protagonist views as an “elaborate and rich” style she “long ago eschewed in favor of practicality.” This mocks Ember and the very Wraith culture the protagonist allegedly wants to get back to in Pegasus, and makes no sense given embroidery is cruelty-free and more practical while fur is nasty and is not.

Wraith are misgendered as objectifying “it” and “things” (same with Goa’uld and Jaffa). Wraith handblasters are described as slimy and the hive described as smelling musty and bad. A trio of Wraith terrorize two human children. Hive light is described as a “sickly glow.” More calling Wraith tech “slimy” when it is not. Wraith are said to be “more ruthless than humans” which is 100% untrue and hypocritical for how humans needlessly confine, torture, and kill fellow animals, including babies. The authors compare Wraith treatment of humans to the way many humans treat nonhuman animals, but humans kill for greed, not need. A Wraith calls humans ‘animals,’ even though Iratus bugs and Wraith are also animals, as we all are. Claims Wraith will suck the Earth dry as they did in Pegasus. Wraith hibernate and have never done this. Their worlds are pristine. Humans are the ones depleting Earth. If anything, to be honest, Wraith prevent humans from sucking worlds dry, as these very characters are doing to these worlds by importing non-native animals to dominate and kill, which is imperialism and colonialism. Another part says Wraith lack human imagination—well that just underscores how humans think up the cruelty, doesn’t it, not Wraith, because we are just so imaginative? A Wraith thinks of a human as an “it.” Paybacks, I guess? Hive flesh is described as Wraith “crud,” “gunk,” and “slimy.” Wraith eyes are said to be “odd” but our eyes might be odd to them, in both lesser capabilities and form. Wraithy shields were clear on the show, but green here and says green shield color is sickly– since when are colors of foliage sickly and why are Scotland’s greens OK? Says hive smells acrid. Wraith seem not to be able to control their hands with clumsy claws. One part asks if they have tongues?! Umm, ever seen Fred’s in Travellers? Watch the show much? Another part says they have “feculent breath.” Wraith say they only live to hunt and sleep. No games, no fun like Legacy. Daniel compares Wraith in Atlantis to a termite infestation. (!) Out of character for Daniel and MAJOR BACKSTEP. On top of the insults, Earth-born humans are obsequiously praised and the red carpet is rolled out for them to colonize. Xenophobia is deplorable. WHAT HAPPENED??? I want the old Legacy back!!! This has jumped the shark!


An anthology of SGA and SG1 stories. Wraith-related stores:
===”The Mysteries of Emege”: More so anti-Wraith, about Wraith vs humans, and tensions, even post war. No Wraith, just some reflections of Alabaster through Teyla. Neocolonialist and imperialist, using Athosians to dominate non-native female animals’ reproductive systems and strip the forests and land for Lantean benefit (most humans are lactose-intolerant and Athosians would be too). Athosians were nomadic, not farmers. Not canon. Halling depicted as a resistant and simple native, forbidding his son from books about engineering. He is OK with his planet’s land being spoiled by Lanteans, but not his son learning math. SIGH-borg. Very embarrassing and hating this backsliding with Fandy lately on the Wraith and other Pegasus natives. Again, Legacy betrayed itself and has jumped the shark. I want the old Legacy back!
***Short summary of “Worshipper (see Legacy books section) The only reason to buy this book is this story. Sad one has to pay for the whole book to get it, supporting the whole bundle with the xenophobia.
###Short summary of “Second Time Sateda”: Wraith are pure cannon fodder, more of the same risible racist comments and objectification, misgendering Wraith “it,” “creatures,” “fetid breath,” blah blah blah I am not even reading this racist junk.
I conscientiously object to having to paying for one story amid others which promote racism, speciesism, and neocolonialism.

“Behind Enemy Lines”

SG1 crossover story about Jack’s clone, but there are Wraith for some reason. One can see from Amazon previews that there is more of the same misgendering Wraith “it” and “creature” and killing them off. I see at least one Wraith name with a Legacy-style name, but won’t be tricked again. I want the old Legacy back!