Other Fandemonium Books

Published by Fandemonium, some books are standalone storylines which occur in between the SGA television episodes, while others (such as the Legacy series) occur after the SGA episodes as a season 6.

Aside from the Legacy books, in this list, “Entanglement,” “Blood Ties,” and the Apocalypse series are the most recommended ones for Wraith fans, if one can get through the constant insults directed at our beloved characters. To date, none compare to Legacy for Wraith defenders.

Please note that going forward, I am boycotting paying for or reading most Fandy books, due to the anti-Wraith racism in them. If a friend happens to have a copy I can see, I will flip through them and scan for Wraith presence, but I refuse to give financial support for books which spread hate. I would not put up with this in fanfics and there are many more talented fanfic writers out there who post for free and without racism. I scan them only for completest sake, if others still want to buy them, but most Wraith fans do not bother for good reason and this link is one of the least visited on this site. XD More on that on this post. If things ever get better, I will revise this page. Until then…

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List of Fandemonium Books with Wraith


Summary: The book is a novelization of the original script for the pilot episode and has some differences compared to what was filmed. There are a few black and white screencaps in the center, including 2 of Queen Sally and 1 with a masked warrior.

Wraith featured: Sort of – not the ones we know. Their appearances were very different. Wraith would have turned out to be more zombie-like in description than anything. They were going to have dead black eyes instead of cat eyes, lank hair instead of flowing hair, powder white skin instead of green skin, and smell like decay. This is not the doing of the book author, but was discarded prototype stuff that thankfully was changed.

Wraith treatment: Same as the pilot episode.

“The Chosen”

Summary: The Lanteans go to Dalera to search for a ZPM and encounter natives with the ATA gene and a complex political structure involving those with the gene. The Wraith attack in massive numbers while the Lanteans visit.

Wraith featured: Technically, yes, but none are really featured.

Wraith treatment: Pure cannon fodder with no development. Gruesome, violent deaths in battle and disgusting torture endured by two near the end of the book. One of crashed dart pilot speaks, but is rather a bit of a joke as a tip of the hat to Monty Python’s Black Knight. Not recommended for Wraith fans. Read “Blood Ties” by the same authors instead.


Summary: Shep’s team becomes forced guests of the royalty of the planet Halcyon where the culture is brutal to both Wraith and humans alike.

Wraith featured: Yes, including focus on one who was given the name Scar by the planet’s inhabitants and a some scene to daydream of Wraith running around unclothed out of hibernation chambers.

Wraith treatment: The main character was abused/disfigured and most of them end up being cannon fodder. Sometimes, especially when humans are not around, they are portrayed as thinking, feeling beings, such as in the first chapter. To the team, they are portrayed as objectified cannon fodder. Quite a bit of abuse throughout due to a pesky Ancient device and Wraith being killed for “sport.” Blood is depicted as black and oily instead of red.

“Blood Ties”

Summary: The Lanteans go to Earth to investigate crimes which could be connected to the Wraith.

Wraith featured: no Wraith per se, but is about Wraith DNA, human hybrids

Wraith treatment: Blurs the lines between human and Wraith and also the capacity to do good or evil with what everyone is born as. Presents the idea that lifeforce give and take might be pleasurable if both parties consent.


Summary: The Lanteans encounter a planet that seems to be protected by something to keep the Wraith away, but the inhabitants keep going missing and returning with a sickness.

Wraith featured: yes, about every 30 pages or so, and features a Queen, a scientist, and officers

Wraith treatment: Most of them end up being cannon fodder. Sometimes, especially when humans are not around, they are portrayed as thinking, feeling beings and show emotion. To the team, they are portrayed as objects in the way and/or to be taught a lesson, in spite of being set after ‘Common Ground.’

“Death Game”

Summary: Team Shep is stranded on a planet and cut off from one another. They tell stories about their past as they journey to find one another and try to evade the Wraith.

Wraith featured: yes, but they are not seen much

Wraith treatment: The small faction of selfish, game-playing Wraith are pretty much cannon fodder with little interaction. This story is set before ‘Common Ground’ and before Teyla understands more about her Wraith DNA. There are snippets of what telepathy could be like and how people with Wraith DNA are treated differently throughout Pegasus. The information could be helpful to tie into the Wraith in the Legacy books, because this story is by one of the Legacy authors. But, this is a pre-Legacy book and the Wraith have not yet been developed. Don’t judge Legacy book Wraith treatment by this book.


Summary: The Lanteans find a large Quantum mirror and meet AU Wraith they must trust to get back home.

Wraith featured: Yes.

Wraith treatment: Treats the Wraith in our reality as simplistic and evil but treats the Wraith in the alternate reality as having the capacity to do either good or evil. Still highly recommended with relate-able characters who are not all killed off.

Eidolon (Wraith) names in Entanglement:

Trishen: daughter of the Matriarch (Queen)
Kethel: older male, very skeptical
Caras: younger male
Edane: younger male with more human-like facial features, very curious about both humans and Wraith from the Lanteans’ reality


Summary: Team Shep meets someone named Angelus who offers a weapon against both Wraith and Asurans.

Wraith featured: Will update this if/when I read it. At a glance, it looks like only Wraith ships in battle are shown.

Wraith treatment: Looks to be spaceship battle cannon fodder. I probably won’t read this one.

“Hunt and Run”

Summary: Shep’s team encounters the V’rdai, a group of runner hunters which Ronon was once friends with. This is mainly a book about Ronon, a flashback story within a story.

Wraith featured: Yes, but not many; the V’rdai are the main antagonists. The Wraith are mainly ones who hunted Ronon in flashback, before the arrival of the New Lanteans. ****In spite of Todd being on the cover of this book, Todd is NOT featured.***

Wraith treatment: Most of them end up being cannon fodder because they are hunting Ronon. Pretty much expected. The impersonal pronoun “it” is used to refer to male Wraith. Some Wraith make over-the-top taunts not seen on the show. It was said forest animals instinctively fear Wraith and hide from them; but, on the show, wildlife thrived on top of Sally’s dormant hive, nature was beautiful near Rhys’s facility, and those glowing insect-like beings could not get enough of Greg, even annoying him to the point of their demise. Another reader on dA also pointed out a Wraith claims they dislike climbing trees especially when danger lurks, but Elric did just that in “Instinct” and both Iratus bug and human ancestors are climbers.


Summary: From Amazon, “Colonel Sheppard’s team soon encounters a strange sect of Ancients living beneath the surface, a sect devoted to decadence and debauchery for whom novelty is the only entertainment. And in the team from Atlantis they find the ultimate novelty to enliven their bloody gladiatorial games.”

Wraith featured: Will update this if/when I read it. In a quick scan, I only saw battles with them as cannon fodder, no character development, and also newly-created beings with some Wraith DNA mixed in. Not a book I will spend time reading as a Wraith fan.

“Far Horizons”

An anthology of SGA and SG1 stories (As an eBook on October 23, 2014; Paperback copies November 6, 2014). This being a Wraith-related site, this review will only focus on the stories with Wraith. The cover states it is volume one of The Travellers’ Tales. May there be more Wraithy tales in future books, especially by Legacy authors!
Wraith-related stores:
===Short summary of “Consort (see Legacy books section)
***Short summary of “Blade of Atlantis (see Legacy books section)
###Short summary of “Bone Music”: Set during Carter’s time of leadership of Atlantis, John, Rodney, and Jennifer investigate a desolate ragged world where atmospheric properties render Wraith Tech sensors useless and the people living on the shore have some odd rituals and festivals. Mostly John’s point of view. A masked warrior is shown near the end, not much screen time and as cannon fodder.


Summary: A crossover SG1/SGA book in the SG1 book series. From Amazon, “…while Carter rallies SG-1 to Cassie’s aid, events on Atlantis are going from bad to worse. Facing a deadly plague and a computer virus that’s shutting down the city, it looks like Colonel Sheppard’s team will provide rich pickings for the incoming Wraith hive ship.”

Wraith featured: Will update this if/when I read it. At a scan, it looks like only brief cannon fodder appearances near the end, first ships to blow up, then dart pilots to kill after that.

Wraith treatment: For Wraith fans who are looking for character development and/or who have limited budgets for book spending or reading time, this book doesn’t look advisable. Wraith are cannon fodder, described with the insulting impersonal pronoun “it” and with unsavory phrases. Darts are said to have a “musty stench,” their tech is said to be “disgusting,” and Wraith are said to smell like their leather coats and “Chinese takeout decomposing in the fridge.” Come on, really? In the episodes McKay would have been the first to complain if Wraith smelled badly and Wraith refer to themselves as people and the males as male, not “it” (see “Submersion” and “Spoils of War).

Apocalypse Series

“Hostile Ground” Book #1 of 3 in the Apocalypse series

“Exile” Book #2 of 3 in the Apocalypse series

“Insurrection” Book #3 of 3 in the Apocalypse series.

Summary: SG1 (Jack, Sam, Teal’c, Daniel) end up on a barren, wintery world where Wraith seem to rule over humans and meet with some Goa’uld resistance. This is an SG1 crossover series– no SGA humans.

Wraith featured:  A cast over a dozen named OC Wraith, called Amam by the humans, from 2 different factions. In book 2, the authors change course and give Legacy style names and terminology to the Wraith, but this is NOT Legacy, in continuity or in feel. Legacy Wraith blood is black here, while being green in Legacy, for example, and the Wraith and their homes are constantly disparaged though the whole series. Constantly all the time constantly.

Wraith treatment:  This series is a yo yo. Something between Legacy and the cannon fodder books. Too many insults to enjoy the better parts.

Pros:  A few endearing characters and tender moments, reminiscent of Waterlight and Bronze in Legacy. Queen makes it clear her mentally ill scientist is to be respected. They see themselves as persecuted and that is true. Some Wraith are hostile and some are friendly, which is realistic for all races. Upon first meeting a Wraith, SG1 takes a stand against human mob mentality. Daniel’s thoughts to the reader reminds one not to judge books by their covers.

Neutral: Jack makes fun of a Wraith’s name. I say neutral b/c that is in-character for him– he did it to Lord Yu also. But, this goes to show why a Wraith would not bother to give his name to someone who would not honor and appreciate it. This, right here, is why!

Uncertain: Wraith have the ability to blend into the night and forest, to kind of disappear and reappear even when walking in groups right beside them. Where did this come from?  A Queen is presented in furs, which would be needlessly cruel if animals were killed or would be harmless if grown on the hive.  Fur has never been part of Wraith culture on the show, though, and Queens have never needed to cover up like that. Wraith emphasize their Iratus bug heritage in their clothing, not mammalian fur the way cavemen or Bola Kai do. The warrior caste is larger but not described as wearing masks in the first book, but are in later books.  There seems to be male with black hair. Wraith blood is black but was red on the show and green in Legacy. Wraith eyes are said to work less well in daylight, but the Defiant One, Todd, the Midway Wraith, the runner hunters, and so forth didn’t seem to have a problem any lighting condition. Neither Iratus bugs nor humans do, so why would Wraith? And, if they did see better in the dark, why would the name Shadow be negative? There are said to be nest-mates. Does this mean no live births?

Cons: Wraith are referred to as objectifying “it” and “things” (same with Goa’uld and Jaffa). Wraith handblasters are described as slimy and the hive described as smelling musty and bad. A trio of Wraith terrorize two human children. Hive light is described as a “sickly glow.” More calling Wraith tech “slimy” when it is not.  Wraith are said to be “more ruthless than humans” which is 100% untrue and hypocritical for how humans needlessly confine, torture, and kill sentient nonhuman animals, including babies. The authors compare Wraith treatment of humans to the way many humans treat nonhuman animals, but humans kill for greed, not need. A Wraith calls humans animals, even though Iratus bugs and Wraith are also animals. Claims Wraith will suck the Earth dry as they did in Pegasus. Wraith hibernate and have never done this. Their worlds are pristine. Humans are the ones depleting Earth. If anything, to be honest, Wraith prevent humans from sucking worlds dry. Another part says Wraith lack human imagination—well that just underscored humans think up the cruelty doesn’t it? A Wraith thinks of a human as an “it.” Paybacks, I guess? Hive flesh is described as Wraith “crud,” “gunk,” and “slimy.” Wraith eyes are said to be “odd” but our eyes might be odd to them, in both function and form. Says green shield color is sickly, but since when are colors of foliage sickly and why are Scotland’s greens OK? Says hive smells acrid. Wraith seem not to be able to control their hands with clumsy claws. One part asks if they have tongues?! Another part says they have “feculent breath.” Wraith say they only live to hunt and sleep. No games, no fun like Legacy. MAJOR BACKSTEP step from Legacy. WHAT HAPPENED??? On top of the insults, Earth-born humans are obsequiously praised, a cheap literary trick used by racists, to make the reader, as a member of such a class, feel good for no effort or merit whatsoever.

Possible insult to Ember: One of Ember’s outfits is embroidered in copper, in a pattern of whirling atomic particles. Yet, the antagonist Queen wears an embroidered dress the protagonist views as an “elaborate and rich” style she “long ago eschewed in favor of practicality.” This mocks Ember, the very Wraith culture the protagonist allegedly wants to get back to in Pegasus, and makes no sense given embroidery is cruelty-free and more practical while fur is not.

Yes, I wrote a lot here, because it is false advertising to say these were Legacy inspired, drawing people in to spend money on not just 1 but 3 books, then be bombarded with insults right, left, and center, which is a step backwards in the progress gained by Legacy against racism. This is bad for the fans on forums as well, undoing years of progress. I can’t believe the MGM editors let this slide and it is doubly disappointing coming from the lead author of the publisher. I wonder if these items were intentional insult to Legacy or just sheer incompetence. Either way, xenophobia is deplorable.

Overall: The ending is satisfactory and I liked many of Earthborn’s hive, but the hatred of the Wraith as a race (and other Stargate races too) and possible jabs at Legacy mars the story constantly, like cracks in an otherwise well-made vase, and made enjoyment of the story almost impossible, which is sad, because this could have really been a gem of a story if the disparaging and xenophobic comments were cleaned up.


An anthology of SGA and SG1 stories. This being a Wraith-related site, this review will only focus on the stories with Wraith.
Wraith-related stores:
===Short summary of “The Mysteries of Emege (see Legacy books section)
***Short summary of “Worshipper (see Legacy books section)
###Short summary of “Second Time Sateda”: Wraith are pure cannon fodder, more of the same risible racist comments and objectification, calling Wraith “it,” “creatures,” “fetid breath,” blah blah blah I am not even reading this racist junk.

Anti-Wraith racism and xenophobia galore.