Season 6 Legacy Books and Related Stories

The Legacy titles:
Homecoming” book 1
The Lost” book 2
Allegiance” book 3
The Furies” book 4
Secrets” book 5
The Inheritors” book 6
Unascended” book 7
Third Path” book 8
Bonus stories outside of the main arc; Best read after book 8:
(Stories in bold are Wraith-centric)
“Ouroboros” an alternative universe SGA/SG1 crossover book. Highly recommended for Wraith.
The Lost Queen” is a novella set after the Legacy series. Highly recommended for Wraith.
Consort” is a pre-Legacy short story in the Far Horizons Anthology. Highly recommended for Wraith.
Worshipper” is a post book 8 short story in the Homeworlds anthology. Highly recommended for Wraith.
“Blade of Atlantis” is a post-Legacy short story in the Far Horizons Anthology during “The Seige.” More so about Torren and his Wraith heritage, no main Wraith characters.
“The Mysteries of Emege” is a post book 8 short story in the Homeworlds anthology with some mention of Osprey’s fortitude, for those interested in completest sake, but no Wraith or specific scenes of Osprey.
“Death Game” Legacy precursor, does not yet have sympathetic Wraith as they are cannon fodder here, but may be of some interest to fans, for those interested in completest sake, for the foreshadowing scene where Teyla dreams herself as a Wraith Queen. It is book #14 of the SGA series.)

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Published by Fandemonium, the Legacy book series takes place after season 5 of the SGA television show. Unlike most Fandy books, these are recommended for Wraith fans who are looking for equitable treatment and plot inclusion of Wraith as main characters, not as cannon fodder, and unique theories about Wraith culture. The Legacy authors say that genocide is wrong in the Legacy books.

While most books and stories are still primarily focused on the Lanteans, there are also Wraith points-of-view and those scenes are among the most endearing and fascinating. This includes Todd, Kenny, other SGA Wraith, and many new OC Wraith.

Wraith fans will get: family history, Wraith origin, technology, and what the telepathic and naming experience is like, dice and board games, computer games, clothes, quarters, labs, etc. Different types of Wraith worshipper are shown. More is revealed about The Gift. Wraith technology is favorably well-described and likened to Ancient tech: beautiful, functional, and similar in piloting techniques. The repairs are likened to surgery, as it is natural for organic life, and without any unfavorable adjectives. Hives are described as tailored to Wraith senses (comfortable and home), getting readers who are not necessarily Wraith fans to rethink them. There is everything actionable from space battles and grudge matches to subtle analogies and symbolism.

Allegiance is less Wraith-friendly than the other books in the series, with some not-so-favorable descriptions of them and many blades are killed. Some Wraith fans stopped reading the series for fear it would go the route of the non-Legacy books and Wraithfall, but do not let that book put you off reading the rest of them-—it gets better and stays better through the conclusion in book 8. The Furies, which comes next, really does a turnaround. Wraith are treated as persons and unequivocally stated as such by several members of Team Shep with honest and conversations, as well as reciprocal acknowledgement from Todd for some of the Lanteans. Traits of several members of Team Shep are mirrored in various Wraith: Jen and Alabaster’s love of science, Todd and John’s bold leadership and similar behavior in hostage situations, Queen Teyla to John in astronavigation, Jen to Waterlight in the loss of their mothers while young and sorting through new prospects of romantic relationships, perhaps Ronon to The Old One in not letting go of the past. Even human society as a whole mirrors the Pegasus situation, because humans harm their fellow Earthlings of all species, mostly even when they don’t need to, and are pulling out of the same type of rut.

Finally, and refreshingly, although there are antagonizing Wraith characters plotting against Todd’s alliance, they have been given meaningful backgrounds as well. Readers can feel sympathy for them, even if they must be stopped. They are not just cardboard villains.

For these reasons, Legacy books are a class in and of themselves.