Season 6 Stargate Legacy Wraith Names List

***Contains Spoilers ***

These are unofficial, fan-made lists, based off the published books and the preview spoilers posted in the blogs of the book authors. Titles outside of the 8 book Legacy story arc by the same authors will also have names included here, such as “Ouroboros,” “The Lost Queen,” “Consort,” and “Worshipper.” Gallery of characters from the show is followed by full list with new characters and also names of the ships. (For a list of fan names given to Wraith seen on the TV show see this page.)(This list last updated 6/24/2017 to include the short story “Worshipper.”)

*Bonewhite, Precision, and Ember confirmed here:

Legacy Wraith Namelist (includes humans, contains major spoilers):
Adamant: blade of Queen Moonwhite who had crash landed
Alabaster: Todd’s young daughter; scarlet hair, inquisitive and smart
Ardent: one of Death’s young blades, her younger brother, wants to be a Consort and not ready; lineage of Night
Arrow: male, one of Death’s allies, but assumed to try to avoid conflict
Ashes: The Old One’s name from his youth; one of the first Wraith males; human name was Kairos; mindfeel bitter and tainted like scraps of burned bark turning on the wind
Avalanche: blade of Alabaster’s, junior to Winterheart
Banner: blade of Alabaster’s; mind is like a bright banner tossed in a strong wind
Bell: blade of Queen Moonwhite who had crash landed; mental voice chimes like a bell, lineage of Night
Bellwether: one of the first males; plays with ship’s environmental systems
Bitterroot: Queen Teyla scheduled to meet with in Secrets
Blackiron: Farseer’s master of sciences biological, says he will show Ember something in Inheritors
Blaze: blade and consort to Queen Moonwhite, lineage of Cloud, wide-set eyes and broad cheekbones, his silver hair pulled up and back into an intricate double fall, coat is finely worked, an embossed pattern of stars and moons above a bed of flames that flaunted his status
Bloodred: a young, inexperienced dart pilot who gave his life during the original Asuran attack to draw Asuran drones away from Snow’s damaged hive in the story “Consort.”
Bloodrose: Queen whose hive was annexed by Death
Bonesnap: a blade who lost his brother in an Asuran battle and Guide wanted to help clevermen in mending the ship in the story “Consort.”
Bonewhite: Kenny, Todd’s hivemaster/Second, mindfeel is direct and dry like sunbleached bones
Bramble: a cleverman who helps with hull repairs in the story “Consort.”
Bride, The: the worshippers’ name for a red-haired Queen who transfers lifeforce on their planet for Pilgrims at The Shrine
Bronze: Frank; Waterlight’s blade who helps to capture John with Everwind; might be Waterlight’s future Consort when they are older
Cloud: 1 of 9 First Mothers; good with reading minds; plump, youthful, shorter by a head, scarlet red hair, lips red as cherries, beautiful with power of compelling; mindfeel a mountain of clouds seen from the sea, billowing and distant, with the sun behind them
Coalfire: young blade on Guide’s hive; mind a blue flame of a coal fire
Coldamber: Submersion Queen; Death’s foremother
Copper: a cruiser commander in Guide’s alliance
Crossroads: cleverman who works under Ember
Darling: Alabaster’s son; Todd’s grandson; plays Legos with Torren; nominal age 19 but Legacy age more like a 5 year old human child
Dawn: Queen, Night’s daughter, sister of Dawn, appears in story by Salt in The Lost Queen
Death: Young Primary Queen; black hair and dress; amber eyes; name is after a legendary Queen (some fans have given her the nickname Alice on other sites)
Deep Water: Queen of Osprey’s lineage, had fought against hive of Sword’s Edge
Distant Thunder: Master of Sciences Physical to Queen Light Breaking, responsible for growing the hulls from seed
Dusk: Queen, Night’s daughter, sister of Dawn, appears in story by Salt in The Lost Queen
Dust: Queen Death’s cleverman; continued Michael’s research; Quicksilver’s brother; spiral face tattoos
Dustwind: one of Queen Edge’s Masters of Sciences, lost with Edge
Ease: Todd’s drone handler; First Watch Captain; enthralled by Death
Edge: Queen Death’s Primary hivemaster
Edge: Queen with raven hair; mother of Light Breaking and Moonwhite
Elude: one of Steelflower’s men
Ember: Tommy, Todd’s cleverman group leader, newer refugee, young, mind like coals, lineage of Gryphon
Everlasting Queen Lightbreaking’s consort, hair shaven to reveal a complex tattoo that covered his scalp and left cheek with coiling lines
Everwind: Waterlight’s blade who helps to capture John with Bronze
Fable: one of the first males; refuses to feed and takes his own life
Fair One: Jennifer; direct translation of ‘Jennifer’
Farseer: left Todd’s alliance after Todd went to Earth, was cruiser commander now Wind’s hivemaster; shaved head w/ single braid, beards; Wind’s hive is bound to Death’s; mind like a planet’s surface seen from a great height
Firebeauty: Queen Waterlight’s deceased mother
Fireheart: Queen on whose hive Salt was said to have heard the tale of Dusk and Dawn in The Lost Queen
Flame: pilot of Nimble and brother of Blaze
Flame: Master of Sciences Biological and brother of Queen Ice in the short story Worshipper
Flare: probably one of Death’s blades; his full-brother attempted a wave attack on Atlantis
Flicker: a dart pilot whose vision in his left eye may have been affected from battle wounds from the Asurans and later helped to break into the Asuran data core in the story “Consort.”
Forge: Queen Lightbreaking’s Master of Sciences Biological who spends 10 days on Alabaster’s hive, lineage of Gryphon, pallax in her zenana
Gamester: one of Steelflower’s men
Glass: one of the first males, a former engineer
Glisten: cleverman programmer on Snow’s hive in the story “Consort.”
Green: door warden for Death’s chambers; in Legacy, Wraith blood and feeding organs are green and evoke the same emotions as red to humans
Greyblood: helps Quicksilver raid Atlantis for a ZPM, probably a blade
Gryphon: 1 of 9 First Mothers; there are clevermen of every line, but Gryphon’s are particularly well-known; has a soft mind voice
Guide: Todd
Guide: John Sheppard; direct translation of ‘Sheppard’
Hairy: Woolsey; a joke because he has little hair
Halflight: one of Death’s young blades; neat-handed and effaced as he works
Hasten: Todd’s lead Engineer, has a single braid, a shipmaster and master of sciences physical, almost as old as Guide
Heedless: Death’s cleverman; Nighthaze’s chief assistant; strong, but not young or quick; likes explosives and has had fingers regenerated due to explosions; was forbidden to continue working with explosives by Nighthaze
He Who Is the Son of a Famous Ruler: Zelenka; Radek means “famous ruler” but the name was probably presented as a son to refer to Queens being the rulers
Highcloud: Michael’s first Queen before being picked up by Queen Nightwind (Mina)
Hightower:Queen who overtook Todd’s former hive and killed Snow; lineage of Cloud
Ice: Queen in the short story Worshipper. Loose and long blue-black coat swirls like a lashing tail over a narrow gown falling in elegant folds, hair done in braided loops pinned into place with long pins which could double as weapons
Iceheart:Queen who was killed by Queen Death; her former consort brings 3 cruisers to fight against Death
Iceseeker: Queen Death’s watch commander over hiveship Revenant
Icewind: Master of Sciences Physical to Queen Moonwhite, shapes their engines and internal systems
Iron: left Todd’s alliance after Todd went to Earth, deemed probable for Commandership by Todd along with Bonewhite
Jewel: Consort of Queen Ice in the short story Worshipper, tall, lineage of Night, his first Queen was killed while fighting Death while he commanded a cruiser before he joined Ice’s hive
Jewelbright: one of Queen Edge’s Master of Sciences Biological, lost when covering Queen’s daughters’ retreat
Knife: Master of Darts on Snow’s hive in “Ouroboros”; mind like knife blade edge
Lastlight: Michael, last flash of light at a sunset, blade with heart of cleverman
Light Breaking: Queen with jet-black hair caught in a web of silver wires that pulled it up and back to spill behind her like the currents on a dark river. Older sister to Moonwhite; willing to work with Lanteans at least partly
Little River: human name Gemmion Saer, female human worshipper of Queen Ice in the short story Worshipper, hive Chatelaine. Blood-black gown, jewelry is gifts of Queen over 200 years, a coronet with stands of fire opals and a great bib necklace to hide feeding scar, bracelets and anklets as wide as armor, all rough gold embossed with flowers, stars, and heads of animals real and imagined. From planet Tanator, originally allowed to be Ice’s mother’s worshipper for her having the gift of Wraith DNA and telepathy. Mindfeel a narrow bright flashing stream between green banks.
Locust: Queen, one of whose hives Queen Teyla destroyed in “The Queen”
Mist: one of Death’s favorite zenana members, looks like Steve
Moonwhite: Queen, younger sister to Light Breaking and daughter of Edge, raven-haired, didn’t want to cooperate with Lanteans, goes missing
Night: 1 of 9 First Mothers; good with strength and danger; Todd’s foremother, Ardent’s foremother; comforting darkness between stars; black hair, rounded face, white cloth holding back pinned up hair, full-breasted, tall
Nighthaze: Queen Death’s cleverman who specializes in explosives and manages Heedless
Nightheart: cleverman, presumably Death’s because he is not named to have left with Ember
Nightwind: Queen Mina; mind is wind of darkness
Noontide: male Wraith who tried to plead to Death to keep his former Queen’s tribute world fertile
Obsidian: a dart pilot who may have given his life to help break into the Asuran data core in the story “Consort.”
Old One: Death’s blade, older, narrow mind, 1 braid, thin hair, shallow viper pits; looks different from other Wraith; youthful name Ashes; one of the first male Wraith
Osprey: 1 of 9 First Mothers; Queen of cleverman who created The Gift; mists and shadows, strong in mind, weaving illusions to hide and deceive, white flower, a white bird, a fog rising among the trees shadow of clouds trailing across the moon (some fans have given her the nickname Sylvana on other sites)
Precision: Billy, Todd’s master of Darts, in love with Steelflower, steadies Ember discreetly after Death tests him, was born on Just Fortune
Quicksilver: McKay, mindfeel like running mercury
Rapid: a blade of Night, cool and clever as a mountain stream as it leaps over boulders, consort of Dusk, called Stream in Dawn’s hive, appears in story by Salt in The Lost Queen
Red Moon: senior Dart pilot aboard Queen Moonwhite’s cruiser Far-faring
Rise: a cleverman from Guide’s faction, attacked by The Wolf while working
Rising Tide: Master of Sciences Biological to Queen Moonwhite, responsible for growing the hulls from seed
Riverstone: a cleverman from Guide’s faction, attacked by The Wolf while working
Runner, The: Ronon; he is the ultimate Runner
Sable: one of Steelflower’s men; Commander of Honor Guard
Salt: Todd’s cleverman, paler than Ember, club of matted braids, mind is like the sea, friends with refugee Whiskey
Salt old storymaker who helped to raise Queens Light Breaking and Moonwhite and advisor to both, skin faded and his hair thinning, so that he wore it pulled back into a single narrow braid, had been in Queen Sword’s Edge’s zenana when younger but lost both her and their son, tall and lean, lineage of Osprey
Sand: a blade of Cloud, whose thoughts were hot and sharp as the desert sands, consort of Dawn, appears in story by Salt in The Lost Queen
Seeker: Master of Sciences Biological and a pallax in Snow’s hive in “Ouroboros” and “Consort”; Guide’s first cousin as son of mother’s sister; mind like sweep of light seeking through the dark; joined Snow’s hive with Guide but never got to have a child with Snow yet as Guide has
Seldom Seen: Snow’s Hivemaster and full-brother in “Ouroboros”; has the gift of passing unnoticed in a crowd and took special interest in drones his sister, made them; lineage of Osprey, no talent or inclination to battle (per “Consort”)
She Who Carries Many Things: Sam; direct translation of Carter
She Who Is A Strong Place: Weir
Silken: blade of Queen Moonwhite who had crash landed
Skilldark: Death’s cleverman; affirms Quicksilver shield plans may work
Sky: 1 of 9 First Mothers, mentioned in The Lost Queen cast of absent characters
Sky: young blade who stands at the side of Queen Death throne with his hair and coat in artful disarray; has unbound waist-long straight hair; vivid blue of cloudless sky
Sky: young Queen who depopulated planet Halspar while avoiding Queen Death and starvation
Sky: cleverman of Alabaster’s aboard Thrice Bold
Smoke: young blade in Todd’s hive
Snow: Todd’s former Queen; scarlet hair, tall; descended from Osprey, mindfeel cool and bright as unmelting snow in the highest peaks of Athos
Son of a Famous Ruler: Radek Zelenka. Radek means ‘famous ruler’; but, to Wraith, rulers are Queens and he would be the son of such a ruler
Spark: Master of Sciences Physical and a pallax of Snow’s hive in “Ouroboros” and “Consort”; mind is like blue snap of electricity
Springreen: male in Todd’s hive; has taken over the household
Starfire: Heedless’s prior Queen
Steelflower: Ellia; descended from Night
Steelflower: Queen Teyla taking up Ellia’s identity; mindfeel strong; Todd thinks she is descended from Osprey
Stone: cleverman who works under Ember
Stonefire: consort of a deceased Queen
Stormdark: Queen who is said to often breed blades with hearts of clevermen, like Michael
Stream: a blade of Night, cool and clever as a mountain stream as it leaps over boulders, consort of Dusk, called Rapid in Dusk’s hive, appears in story by Salt in The Lost Queen
Sunshard: Death’s blade; mind bright and scattered like sunlight on glass; hair bound in elaborate double club
Swift: A dart pilot who gave his life during the original Asuran attack to draw Asuran drones away from Snow’s damaged hive in the story “Consort.”
Swiftripen (aka Swift): one of Steelflower’s men
Swiftsure: one of Death’s allies, but assumed to try to avoid conflict
Tempest: blade of Alabaster’s aboard Thrice Bold
Terror: possibly a name given by worshippers; a male cruiser commander allied with Death and spied upon by the Genii agent Varelon
Thorn: blade in Waterlight’s hive; possibly her father; is Commander until Waterlight is old enough to officially take a Consort of her own
Thread: young blade with mind like a thread of warmth on a cold day; hair in heavy cords popular with Guide’s newest dart pilots
Thunder: a cruiser commander in Guide’s alliance in the main Legacy book arc
Thunder: a blade who Guide wanted to help clevermen in mending the ship and may have given his life to help to break into the Asuran data core in the story “Consort.”
Torrent:  young blade of Queen Ice in the short story Worshipper, long hair, mindfeel like water swirling over mountain stones
Trickster: Jack
Twilight Shadow: queen of Night, with whom Edge sought an alliance. Salt heard a tale, a queen healed seemingly by magic, and when he doubted, Twilight Shadow had sent him with one of her clevermen to see the place where it had happened.
Wakeful: blade who helps Quicksilver capture a ZPM and commands drones
Waterlight: young queen with brown hair and white dress, of Osprey lineage, makes alliance with Queen Steelflower/Teyla
Whirwind: possibly Farsee’s cleverman; Ember had warned him ship patches would not hold
Whiskey: Todd’s cleverman, friends with refugee Salt; mindfeel is like the human style drink
Whisper: blade and pilot of Queen Moonwhite’s cruiser Far-faring since the ship’s birth
Wind: Queen whose hive was annexed by Death, Farseer is hivemaster
Wind: Blade who fathered a female child with Queen Osprey; one of first 99 males; ship master and soldier
Winterheart: blade in Alabaster’s hive whose mind is like the bleak wind in the heart of winter; a refreshing presence on a hot/dry planet
Wintersun: cleverman in Queen Death’s hive; mind pale and thin as sunlight in winter
Wolf, The: Aiden Ford; name he gave himself and what Wraith call him
Wreath: a dart pilot who was wounded in an Asuran battle and put into hibernation to heal in the story “Consort.”
Wreathed in the Plants of Victory: Victorious; Laura Cadman (the name Laura comes from the laurel tree, a symbol of victory)
Yarrow: one of Steelflower’s men
Young Queen, The: Teyla in human form
Young Queen, The: the way Guide and Snow’s white-haired daughter is referred to in “Ouroboros” She has white hair, reckless behavior, and a pallax blade John nicknamed Will

List of Wraith ship names found in the Legacy books:
Adamant: a cruiser in Todd/Guide’s alliance
Bright Venture: Queen Death’s hive
Eternal: Queen Steelflower’s cruiser; formerly Queen Death’s; goes to Guide/Todd’s alliance
Evermore: a cruiser in Todd/Guide’s alliance
Far-faring: the smallest of Moonwhite’s cruisers, and the youngest, grown by the Hivemaster and Rising Tide with stealth in mind, quietly skittish
Just Fortune: Todd/Guide’s hive
Nimble: cruiser of Queen Moonlight, designed for speed over short distances, and the living quarters were merely adequate, narrow chambers not distinguished by any special markings. Even the one that must have been intended for the queen was bare and plain, only the larger nest and the broken coils of what had been a fountain to mark it as special.
Promised Return: Queen Waterlight’s hive
Proud Journey: Farseer’s hive
Revenant: Queen Death’s hive
Sanctuary: hive of Queen Ice in the short story Worshipper
Thrice Bold: Alabaster’s cruiser

List of Wraith in the SG-1 Apocalypse AU Series w/ Legacy-style names:
(***Note: This series is NOT Legacy, not the same authors, and not as Wraith-friendly, insulting Wraith constantly in the worst ways, possibly even indirectly one of Ember’s outfits (!), but uses Legacy’s terminology and naming style. Including for the sake of completeness and tracking for people who want lists of all these types of names, but I might move them. I am conflicted.***)
***Again, contains spoilers.***
Adroit: Master of Sciences Biological for Shadow after Brightstar died. A subtle mind of ambitious talent. Used to be Sting’s friend.
Boneshard-Sobek: Wraith-Goa’uld male with Shadow’s hive; ashy grey hair which is elaborately braided and ostentatious clothes. Was once in Brightstar’s zenana.
Brightstar: Queen who came to Milky Way and died shortly after giving birth to Earthborn. Sister of Shadow.
Covenant: prior Hivemaster for Brightstar’s hive; deceased
Earthborn: young Queen, daughter of Brightstar; hair is jet black and elaborately braided down to her waist; skin is whiteish
Edge: blade for Earthborn
Eldritch: a cleverman of Brightstar’s hive who turns from Shadow to Earthborn
Flint: blade for Earthborn
Hearten: one of the best dart pilots for Queen Earthborn
Heartsong: blade for Earthborn; missing in action after going culling
Keenedge: young blade in Shadow’s facility; full of bravado; mindfeel like a keen edge of a knife. Said to have died in breeding facility.
Reckless: blade for Earthborn; missing in action after going culling
Scorn: cleverman for Shadow; mind a shimmer of disdain
Shade: blade for Earthborn; missing in action after going culling
Shadow: Queen whose clevermen experiment with Goa’uld symbiotes and tech; sister of Brightstar; long black hair, pale face, embroidered black dress casts shadows
Steadfast: Maybourne’s Wraith-given name as a Wraith worshipper for Queen Shadow; insane from Goa’uld sarcophagus sessions; not a true worshipper and only serves the winning side, Wraith or Goa’uld
Sting: Consort of Earthborn with long hair, a slender braid down the side, and tattoo on side of face. Main Wraith character in Apocalypse who works with SG1. Mindfeel is “the sharp bite of a blade as it slices your skin; the bitter moment you understand your defeat.”
Stormfire: Master of Sciences Physical for Earthborn. He tears at his hair and it is unkempt. Nicknamed Crazy by Jack. Mindfeel rages and burns, whorls of fire and chaos. Damaged by war, loss, and grief.