Titan Publishing Group Season Companion Books

Titan Publishing Group has printed seasonal companion books for seasons 1 through 4. Season 5 was not printed.

Each book is about 160 black and white pages and 16 full color plates.

I’ve seen Season 1. Most of these photos are the main ‘gate team, with a few pics of Sally, drones, Bob, and Greg, which can be found in full-color on other sites, such as MGM’s official SGA page. There are a few paragraphs of JL talking about how he tried to give the Wraith different personalities and what he had to go through to be fitted for the costumes. There are some paragraphs about the art department using bird skulls as inspiration for organic Wraith vehicles. The pictures from the art department were ones seen in the Propworx auction site. Overall, there isn’t much information or pics for Wraith fans.