Wraithfall Comics

Format: comic books, in a 3-part series

Wraith featured: Yes. The drawings seem to be modeled from the earlier seasons’ screen captures, with books 2 and 3 having more accurate likenesses. The first 1, they don’t look very Wraithy, to be honest.

Short summary: The Lanteans find a human population which has a bizarre ritual involving a faction of Wraith.

Wraith treatment: Treats the Wraith as evil, sadistic, and emotionless beings who use Medieval-style Tau’ri torture devices on humans. This doesn’t correspond with their feeding needs as lifeforce is wasted. The Wraith here are cannon-fodder villains without development or care. Don’t buy unless you want the artwork in books 2 and 3 for the inking and artistic style.

The books have been out a while and there are scans of them floating around, including re-captions of pages done by a Wraith fan which are funny.

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