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What Was Dave the Wraith Reading?

What was Dave reading on the large wall screen with scrolling data when Carson walked in? Ship status reports? Worshipper news network reports? His To-Do list?

Inquiring worshippers want to know. 🙂


Does Michael and/or His Hybrid Army Currently Have the ATA Gene?

For many years, re-watching “The Prodigal,” I assumed Michael had hotwired the puddle jumper and Lantean controls by hacking them with his Wraith tech tablets.

But, another viewer pointed out that Michael had gone to the bay area after the his stolen jumper was ruined by the gate’s ka-woosh, presumably to steal a different jumper to use as a getaway vehicle. He didn’t have a tablet on him at that time. The possibility makes sense, but was never stated, so I can’t be 100% sure.

If he does*, maybe Carson’s clone had provided Michael with that, either directly under duress or indirectly through blood sample analysis.

Also, if he does, how many of his hybrids might have also had the gene?

And, if he does, if a hive captured Michael in his current state, could the Wraith use the gene in Michael’s blood sample to make the jump to allow them to use the gene too? Because humans can carry both Wraith DNA and the ATA gene, I always wondered why a Wraith did not try combining the two in a human, then using those blood samples to get the gene into them. But, it seems Michael’s blood would work too. Wraith are already human hybrids. Michael is just closer to human on the continuum between humans and Iratus bugs. (Unless a stronger Iratus bug genetic mixture overpowers or precludes the ATA gene)

(*Present tense used intentionally: Michael’s body was never stated to have been found,  “Submersion” showed the Wraith ability to swim the deep, and “Vegas” showed the Wraith ability to heal after a multi-story fall.)

Aset Reminds Me of Queen Betty

(contains spoilers for Origins)

Queen Aset and Queen Betty both rule in style and with care for their subjects.

Queen Betty’s hive is beloved by Wraith fans for her worshipper care. Her human subjects wear soft, attractive clothing and Neera has hair wraps just like hers. They are valued members of the hive, which is home for all. There were also touches and glances, which leave a lot open to the imagination for insinuating interracial relationships.

Queen Aset loves her harsesis child, unblended, for who the child is. She gave her subjects a wand to heal themselves and hid tears when she felt forced to take it away from them. Her subjects had plenty of sumptuous food for a desert area. Although they worked in the mines and saw that as an honor, they also had ample free time to assemble impromptu feasts and perform mini plays in her honor. I think Aset is going to bump Lord Yu for my favorite Goa’uld spot. She is almost Tok’ra.

Neither were the most responsible either. Queen Betty was culling as if there were no tomorrow, partying now, and attracted Ford’s attention because of that. Queen Aset didn’t know how to choose genuine allies (Serqet and Brucke were both treacherous) and she didn’t plan ahead enough for avoiding Ra’s eventual discovery of her child (unless they got away off screen).

I like them both and am pleased to add have their diversity of thought and ruling styles added to the Stargate universe. #ItsNotInTheirDNA #Eracism

Does Michael Currently Have the Look He Wants?

Michael’s power over altering his own form was fine-tuned enough to take away his hand mouth, presumably leaving him with all of his other characteristics the Lanteans left him with when he partially-reverted back.

Todd was able to continue working with Keller’s retrovirus, remove his handmouth, yet continue to look the same.

With such genetic prowess and Michael keeping his current form, along with bestowing that look upon his hybrid army, does that mean he is content with his current form?

Is his current form advantageous over being full Wraith, with or without the handmouth? Is it just about looks, because he can look more like Teyla’s form that way? Maybe he likes his new form and founding a new hybrid race? Wraith are already hybrids, but his hybrid look is different. His newer uniforms and those of his hybrids are new and different too.

Teyla’s First Tries Connecting to Wraith on Hives

In “The Gift,” Teyla was given the advice to think back to the day her father had been taken, to get her to remember how to sense Wraith, to help to find them in the galaxy.

That advice might work for the very short term, to get her connected to the nearest hive, but not the long term.

With a fear-based and combat-based mindset such as that, her mindfeel would stick out like a sore thumb in a cohesive environment where the hive is home, family, protection, etc.

By the time of “The Queen,” she still harbored negative feelings about the Wraith and needlessly sent many off to die, but must have mastered keeping her negative thoughts closely guarded.

Wraith Finger Armor-Like Pieces Grown by Hiveships

In “Submersion,” the cruiser console’s flight control hand pieces look as if they contain parts similar to finger armor. Could these be also grown by the ships, as with the drone masks, computers, ZPM satchels and just about everything else?

The ships seem to make a variety of materials, from hard/chitinous objects, to pliable/leathery materials, to soft/silky threads.

I envy the idea of being able to grow everything, as needed and just-in-time manufacturing, with no storage overhead or sales forecasts, no wasteful fads, and in a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly way. I hope we progress to having similar tech, such as Piñatex.


On Shipping Types and Denotations

It seems some gaters say that the word “ship” is only for het pairings, with LGBTQ+ pairings being called “slash.” If some gaters say this, it does not align with what most fandoms do, which is to have both het and slash subsets of ships. In Voltron, for example, Klance and Kallura are both ships (Keith x Lance and Keith x Allura, respectively).

Such a distinction does not align with what I write either. Het, slash, and non-binary character pairings are all ships. Love is love and it is all shipping.

Similarly, I refuse to use “+” for het or “/” for LGBTQ+ in pairing denotations. I use “x” or “X” for all pairings, as in Todd x John, Todd x Jennifer, and Todd x whoever. It just seems easier, and more equitable, to apply the same denotations to all pairings. No rules. Just love.