Iratus Bugs and Wraith Heritage

Iratus Bugs and Wraith Heritage

Production artwork for Wraith hands. There are variances in which details made it into the show, so not all of this made it into canon. The nasty necklace was Ronon’s, from “Reunion,” but worth noting for the finger armor and nails, as some Wraith might have dark nails and some light nails and/or some might wear nail lacquer.


Wraith Home World. Ringed planet with a space ‘gate shown in “Rising” and “38 Minutes.” Lovely, pristine environmental care for their forests and living spaces.


Telepathic and Night Vision.  Possibly infrared heat detection.


Iratus Bugs, Colony, and Nest. Note different looks for the bugs, maybe various castes. Bugs seem capable in groups and alone, day and night.


Sheppard turning into a being more like Michael’s creations. Interesting because the exoskeleton parts appear to be blue, more like the dark blue-black of the Iratus bug.


A being Michael genetically manipulated, presumably from an Iratus bug as a base:


Photo composite of Wraith uniforms and Iratus design bug elements:

iratus bug style elements wraith costumes