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Thank you for visiting my page of just-for-fun fanfic stories where the Wraith get happy endings and worshippers are also treated well, like Neera, with ability to make choices and be respected.

My Wraith and human characters are diverse and not at all perfect– some grapple with feelings of bigotry, for example, and some make big mistakes, but they grow and they learn. And, how not in such turbulent times of war and loss, for all the races? I write concepts which are unusual for SGA fanfics, such as Ancients and Wraith relations, a human character with Bola Kai ancestry, the often-forgotten Shiana, a worshipper with the Hoffan plague, Wraith children and young adults who can’t feed yet, a woman who wants to blow up a hive, and Wraith runner hunters of various personalities.

Stories are 100% complete and quick reads, either minifics or novellas. Inspired by the short minific style and tone which was popular circa 2009-2010, on and dA, most of which are gone as other sites became more popular. John x Todd has been popular AO3 lately, while Wraith x worshipper stories such as these are more rare– stories with female characters and positive friendships and relationships need to be represented, not just the males having all the fun!

Please see descriptions for which ones have sensuality or not, if that is important to you.

I do not do major character death or non-con.

Recurring themes: xenophilia, lifeforce sharing, mild-melding, transfiguration, transgender, transrace, diversity and equality, marriage equality, empowerment, starting out, starting over, sensuality, choices, respect, consensual fun, capacity for change, breaking down barriers, dismantling all forms of oppression and needless violence, environmentally-friendly technology, culture, families, alternative energy sources, social progress, anti-racism, anti-speciesism, anti-neocolonialism of the Pegasus galaxy, we are not these bodies we are spirit/soul. For people looking for fan fiction by vegans and with vegan characters, and there are a number of such SGA authors and fans and growing, count me in: although not overtly stated, my worshipper characters are vegan and my Wraith get a harmless and renewable energy feeding solution in keeping with their biology and culture (no taking away their ability to share lifeforce or give the Gift of Life).

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******** Note: I am still actively working on 5 minifics and 1 short fic and hope to post them late 2017 or early 2018 and want to keep creating in 2018 🙂 **************

Queen Fairmoons’s Hive:

Curious: With the counsel of a surreptitious self-help document, a Wraith decides to take a personal worshipper. Male Wraith x human female worshipper with sensuality.  Curious

Unfinished Business: A Wraith goes on a personal quest to investigate the life and last days of his long-estranged brother. Referenced pairings for the future, but no sensuality. unfinished-business

Freefall: A troubled young Wraith’s mother sends him off to be mentored, but his breakthrough comes from an unexpected place. No pairings for main character; too young. freefall

Bad Reputation: A Wraith officer does not want to give a troubled young Wraith, or his adoptive father, a chance. No sensuality. Bad Reputation

Sungrazer Series:

Sungrazer: A mysterious gift from the Queen leads to an unexpected adventure for a young Wraith officer and his unlikely worshipper. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-1-sungrazer

Telepathic Troubles: Story 2 in the Sungrazer series. The duo runs into a troublesome group of runner hunters while on a mission to investigate some Ancient technology. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. Sungrazer 2 Telepathic Troubles

Between Two Worlds: Story 3 in the Sungrazer series. Sungrazer deals with a difficult request from a friend and he and his worshipper become trapped in an Ancient prison cell with Wraith from other hives. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-3-between-two-worlds

Off Duty Venture: Story 4 in the Sungrazer series. Sungrazer and Aruna investigate some offworld human legends about a place where wishes are granted, but where explorers are said to disappear. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-4-off-duty-venture

Tell Me a Story: Story 5 in the Sungrazer series. Someone steals Aruna’s belt during a multi-hive gathering. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-5-tell-me-a-story

Turning Point: Story 6 in the Sungrazer series. Atlantis returns to the Pegasus galaxy, but it is not as they left it. No one will trade with the Atlanteans, the Genii are missing, and the Wraith hives have reunited and are headed straight for the city. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-6-turning-point

Returning the Favor: Story 7 in the Sungrazer series. Sungrazer and his worshipper Aruna end up in an alternate reality where the Wraith are nearly wiped out and they must break into Atlantis. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. sungrazer-7-returning-the-favor

The Big Game: Story 8 in the Sungrazer series. Pegasus has a new sport and it is changing the game for both Wraith and humans. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. Sungrazer 8 The Big Game

Other Works:

Kissing Games: Prequel to Sungrazer stories. A new worshipper doesn’t know much about the Wraith and is afraid to make a mistake in asking about if Wraith kiss or not. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. Lots of kissing. kissing-games

Stepping Stone: Prequel to Sungrazer stories. A Queen tests the loyalties of candidates for her new hive by asking them one important thing. Referenced pairings for the future, but no sensuality. stepping-stone

Hunter or Hunted: Ties into Sungrzaer stories. Todd and the Lanteans must team up to get rid of a strange runner hunter problem. No scenes with pairings. hunter-or-hunted

The Getaway: Someone runs for his life from Michael’s newest creations. No scenes with pairings. the-getaway

Whirling Blades: When a Wraith Commander goes to take martial arts lessons from the solely surviving student of one of his own personal heroes, he must make a value judgment and choose accordingly. No scenes with pairings. whirlingblades

Boundless: Sequel to “WhirlingBlades. A Wraith Commander is forced to make a decision about someone from his past not appearing as he thought they would. Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality; gender and racial fluidity. boundless

Masks: An Ancient woman’s Wraith lover is captured by other Ancients. To escape, they will have to wear the ultimate masks. Male Wraith x female Ancient with sensuality. masks

Natural Born Worshipper: Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality. natural-born-worshipper

Let the Circle Be Unbroken: A Queen moves in to a hive where the rebellious Commander is used to running things his way. Male Wraith x Wraith Queen with sensuality. let-the-circle-be-unbroken

Clever Wraith: The new Commander on board a Wraith scientists’ hive doesn’t like worshippers. Is this the end for them? Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality. clever-wraith

Journey: A native Pegasus woman poses as a worshipper to gain access aboard a hiveship and go on Ford-style mission to destroy it. She gets more than she expected and finds friendship and love… but will her past catch up to her and destroy it all? Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality. journey

Great Mistakes: A Pegasus woman hides herself in a dart’s storage buffer to escape persecution. What will happen when the Wraith who owns the dart finds out about it and where can she go where she will be happy, safe, and free? Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality; other relationship types in past great-mistakes

Home: A hearing-impaired worshipper born on a hiveship and a disaffected Wraith scientist seek to survive in the galaxy’s turbulent times after being cast out of their hive. Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality. Home

Learning Experience: Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality; gender and racial fluidity. learning-experience

The Experiment: In hopes to find a therapy which will enable Wraith to gain the ATA gene, a Wraith scientist splices Wraith DNA into a young woman of human and Ancient heritage. Or, did he? Male Wraith x metamorphosed female with sensuality. the-experiment

Nightspace: A worshipper wants to find healing and ties to catch the eye of a visiting Commander she admires, but will misunderstandings, war, and politics get in the way? Male Wraith x female human worshipper with sensuality. nightspace

Don’t Drink the Water: When confronted by a violent criminal, a Pegasus woman has to let events take their course. Male Wraith x female human worshipper. dont-drink-the-water

Lay to Rest: Ronon has something he needs to do. No sensuality. Lay to Rest

Hybrid Eyes: A Pegasus woman’s taken husband returns from Michael’s conscripted crew, changed. male hybrid x female human; mild sensuality. Hybrid Eyes

Intergalactic Gift: A small gift from human to a Wraith Queen is not so simple. Wraith Queen X unknown human worshipper from Earth; no sensual scenes. Intergalactic Gift


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Not Always Glamorous (newspaper mockument, humor): not-always-glamourous

You Know You Are a Wraith Worshipper When (humor; contains sensual language): You Know You Are A Wraith Worshipper When

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