Rittenhouse Archives Trading Cards

Rittenhouse Archives released the Stargate Heroes trading cards in 2009. Here are the ones which as Wraith-related. Photos are not really anything new, but good for collectors to have something in print.

Autograph cards – Feature Sally, Tommy, Shawn, Michael, and Rhys (mislabeled as Kenny).

Costume Cards – Feature Bob and a masked warrior and different costume material variations exist, such as coppery, black, and textured black swatches.

Ship Cards – Wraith dart, hive, and cruiser cards. The cruiser is a mislabeled card.

Episode cards featured Shawn, Mina, and Erik.

Shawn appears in a card from Season 2 Quotable Atlantis 20 card Subset and Erik appears in Season 2 (W8) Warriors In Action card.

Gallery of some card photos here: http://s1240.photobucket.com/user/stargatewraithfan/library/Trading%20Cards