Site Entry Edits and Photo Updates

A page to list updates to entries previously posted and also highlight additions to the photo collections, artwork, and fanfics.


*Added a category to the weapons gallery for the energy beams. Even though only the beams were represented, not the mechanism which created them, they are still a reference.
*Added artwork of one of my OCs with glow-in-the-dark eyes and another of a Wraith and Wraithling practicing martial arts.

*Broke out the stunner field as a separate category on the weapons page and added screencaps for it.
*Changed Legacy page to only list Legacy Wraith-related stories, now that there are some stories without Wraith, with only passing mentions of Wraith, and/or trying to make sales off of Legacy that are not Legacy and not quite Wraith-friendly. Legacy has been diluted; not happy about the changes, oh well.

*Added 2 artworks, one of a cartoon style Bullseye and one of Laura and Karl.

*Added a fanfic Things Wraith and Worshippers Say

*Added 3 photos of the back of Queen Teyla’s hair because it has a twist uniting the wraps and another wrap securing that twist which is easy to miss without brightening the screencaps. Lovely!
*Comics are late again. Updated that page thru issue 9, b/c Todd really has not been seen much lately.

*Added a link to the video Stargate Atlantis Hits the Road: Las Vegas, Nevada to the Behind the Scenes link collection. Not new, but link had vanished after the old MGM Stargate site went down. Took handmade screencaps of this video and made a photo collection for it.
*Copied 3 pics of Jean-Luc’s hands to the Weapons collection because the sword handle can be seen well. Also copied in a pic of Queen Teyla’s pointed boots to the Queens costumes.

*Added 2 photos of the back of Laura’s hair, to see the lovely gold and purple ribbons which are easy to miss without brightening the screencaps.
*Added a photo of part of Nabel Golan’s outfit to the worshipper costumes collection.

*Added 3 photos of grenades to the weapons photo collection from a prop site

*Added a fan artwork of Akasha and Jean-Luc

*Added a behind the scenes pic of Sally’s back from the Twitter storm recorded by Joe to the season 1 gallery. Not too spectacular without her face, but it is new.
*Added a brightened screencap of Sally’s back hair wraps to the Queens costumes gallery

*Uploaded a meme making fun of people who think every male Wraith is “Todd.”

*Added 2 concept art variant prints of masked warrior chest plates to the drones costumes collection from an auction site
*Updated the AM comics page after reading clarification about a possible future title from some tweets and posts on a SG forum. Many fans, including me, had misinterpreted tweets, thinkingĀ  thought the title of one possible mini arc had been the working title of part of a longer arc. Also, more delays likely– conflicting release dates on different sources for the last 2 issues of the main arc.

*Added a page for the SG1 episode “200” to the Television episodes page, because a hiveship interior set was briefly used.

*Added screenshots and promo pics for the above 200 hiveship set.

*Added artwork of a cartoon baby Wraith.

*Updated AM comic page about new anthology and delayed issue. Also, reordered comics to give Wraithy ones more prominence amid non-Wraithy ones and reissues.

*Added a fanfic called The Amulet.

*Added 2 pics of Boris to the season 3 photo collection, found on the quiz for Sateda. One is a larger and different cropping of one I already had and another looks to be new for me.
*Added 3 screencaps of the back of Archimedes’ hairstyle and clasp to the male Wraith costume collection
*Added 26 photos of Michael in retrovirused form to the season 2 photo collection. They are old, from the old MGM site, but I had not uploaded them until now.

*Added art of a Wraith and worshipper kissing with glowing Wraith eyes.

*Added art of one of my OCs Queens going into a business meeting with Shiana. Because NO to colonialism.

*Added 4 pics of a stunner holster mould from an auction site to the weapons gallery.

*Added 2 minifics

*Removed 4 prop photos of chips from the belongings gallery which had been auctioned off as Wraith but were identified as being from SG1. I had previously listed the photos with a caveat, just as with the rings many fans think were also mislabeled. Now, I know the comm chips are not Wraith and can remove them for sure. Mystery ring is still not identified though.
*Added a sketch of one of Tyre’s outfits from an auction site to the worshippers costume gallery from an auction site.

*Added artwork Todd playing an arcade game in Atlantis.

*Added a different variant cropping of an existing pic of Tommy to the season 4 gallery b/c the resolution on his face looks to be better, from a Midway quiz.

*Found a better resolution of a photo of Michael from the DVD extras, episode 319 and added it to the season 3 gallery.
*Reuploaded an older minific Safety Net

*Uploaded 2 artworks of Bullseye and 1 of Karl


*Added a pic of Neera’s shoes to the worshippers costumes gallery, found on the MGM site and zoomed in. (Site has since been offline).

2/1/2017: Finished uploading fanfics and fanart. Newest fanfic is Freefall and newest fanart is in the Wraith Kids section of Wraith kids in the hive mind and Wraith kids playing tug-o-war.

*Added a pic of a drone’s unmasked face to the Season 5 gallery, found on a stunt actor website.

*Updated entry for AM Comics Gateways #2.
*Updated entry for Apocalypse book series.
*Updated Legacy Wraith name list to include Legacy-inspired names from the Apocalypse series. Might move them, due to not Wraith-friendly and not Legacy.

I signed up for a 4shared account to share file larger types which WordPress can’t yet accommodate:
*Added a link to Preview to Atlantis .avi file to the behind the scenes page, because it shows Queen Sally footage
*Added a link to InFANity Stargate Atlantis .avi file to the behind the scenes page, because it shows Karl and Tommy footage. This video is in English, is not split, and is better resolution than the one on YT.
*Added a section on my art page for the dress up doll/base games for the Wraith males and Wraith Queens.

*Added a pic of Michael’s uniform found on LJ from 2008 to the male costumes gallery.
*Added 2 pics of Michael’s lab equipment on LJ from 2008 to the belongings and tech gallery.
*Added 1 pic of the stun bomb on LJ from 2008 to the weapons gallery.
*Added a piece of artwork to the Wraith kids gallery of a Wraithling making a snow Wraith.

*Added a few older artworks reworked from prior years, but they are nothing new.
*Added a pic of Phineas to Season 3 BTS gallery found on my PC, but it is nothing new.

*Added 3 pics of the portable scanner/communication device to the Belongings gallery.

*Added artwork of Ellia in the Fall to my fanart gallery.

*Added artwork of a Wraith teaching a younger one to meditate to my fanart gallery.

*Added a post about different types of art in Wraith culture which are too often overlooked.

*Filled in entries for Luis and Mortimer on the Wraith name list, adding the episode for Mortimer and entry for Luis, as the data had been zapped by server problems on the old site I was on (hence the move here).

*Uploaded artwork of Bullseye in the Fall to my fanart gallery.
*Dates for Hearts and Minds comics were delayed– again. Must have Wraithy patience and wait.
*Adding a photo of Ronon to the Season 5 gallery because there is a Tracker Wraith laying in the background, possibly Leodegar. Originally from LATimes but a Russian site had a better resolution and less obtrusive watermark than the original.
*Adding more detail to notes for some of the Wraith placement in the naming list. Noticed one of the photo captions on one of the Queens changed. Might be data corruption but also changing my password just in case.

*Uploaded artwork of a Wraithling in a forest and 2 minifics, Bad Reputation and Lay to Rest.

Very nice photo hunting day thanks the Instagram pages for M1ke F1elds and H0lland M1ller.
*Added 1 behind the scenes pic of Greg to the Season1 folder.
*Added 1 behind the scenes pics of Shawn and 2 of Elric to the Season2 folder. The Shawn one is similar, but slightly different than the screencaps.
*Added 1 behind the scenes pic of Michael to the Season3 folder. Larger resolution and different color of pre-existing magazine scan find.
*Added 1 behind the scenes pic of Rhys to the Season5 folder. Larger resolution of pre-existing find from resume gallery.

*Added 1 pic of Jean-Luc’s sword to the Weapons collection from Prop Block online prop store.
*Added 4 pics of a vest with a glittery panel front w/ weapons damage to the male costumes collection from Prop Block online prop store.

*Added 3 artworks of one of my OC Queens to my fanart gallery.

*Added 10 photos of elements of masked warriors costumes to the drones costume collection from a popular auction site.

*Added artwork of the Primary to my fanart page.
*Added a few pics of Lanteans to the LA Times pic gallery due to the colorful hiveship background textures.

*Added Wraith names from the short story “Worshipper” to the Legacy name list from the SG-1/Stargate Atlantis anthology Homeworlds.
*Updated Legacy books list because it hadn’t been updated in a while to add the latest stuff.

*Added a fanfic Hybrid Eyes and updated my OC namelist.

*Added a pic of an umbilical cable for sale to the belongings picture gallery.

*Added a fanfic called The Big Game.

*Added artwork of Bullseye on a natural tree root staircase.
*Added a list to the fanfic section of You Know You Are a Worshipper When…

*There will be a 4th arc in the SGA comic series; updated that info.

*Finally another comic came out 8/9; updated that page.

*Added artwork of 2 of my OCs Torrent and Richa.

*Added a fanfic called Intergalactic Gift.

*Added artwork of a Wraith kid with a cat’s eye or Wraith’s eye marble

*Added artwork of Steve at a koi pond

*Added a pic of Mina’s NML outfit from a prop auction site. The belt is upside down and the skirt is missing, but it is a wonderful resource, the first photo I have seen of the outfit parts without blue lighting on them. The boots are also seen in their entirety, which is excellent.
*Replaced a photo of Jean-Luc’s sword and scabbard with a higher rez version.

*Added artwork of one of my OC Queens, Tempest.

*Added 7 photos to male Wraith costumes picture collection from a prop consignment shop, similar to Kenny’s, Tommy’s, and Nathan’s, but the pieces are marked with various actors (BP, CL, and AH) and not fully matching belts and bracers, but a nice set.

*SGA Hearts and Minds #3 comic is out and tentative date for Singularity #1 set. Also vol. 1 compilation is out. Updated that page.

*Added 8 photos of a stunner pistol and holster to the Wraith weapons photo collection
*Added 9 photos of a stunner staff to the Wraith weapons photo collection
Both finds from a popular auction site and great angles of the props.

*Added entry for 2 posters on the Posters page.

*Added 1 stunner pistol photo from someone’s shared prop collection.
*Added 2 artworks for Legacy fan art for characters: Whiskey and Salt and also Queen Ice and Little River.

*added 7 fanfics and put dates on all the descriptions to help returning visitors find the newer ones

*Added 1 stunner pistol photo from a prop site.


*Added 4 images of the runner tracking implant device to the Belongings and Small Technology picture collection, from a popular auction site.

*Added 24 images from a popular auction site of exciting details and close-ups of Bob’s vest and Spike’s Vegas disguises and jewelry.

*Added 11 photos of a stunner staff weapon to the weapons folder from a popular auction site.

*Added 2 photos of Wraith hand production art to the Heritage and Anatomy collection. These are not new, but excellent clarity, readability, and size. I am still keeping the other photos, rather than replace them, because they have different production markings on them and slightly different wording which may convey different iterations, as many of the details didn’t make it into production. Or, they could be translations of translations. But, these new ones from Joe’s blog (added link to list of his photos too)
*Added a small photo of a transmitter device (such as the one on Piny’s cuff and the drone’s cuff in childhood’s end) to the male costumes collection and an explosive grenade and stunner pistol to the weapons collection, found on a prop collector and creator’s site, SG1 props. They are holding a vote on which prop to make next.
*Added a photo of a stunner pistol from a display from the EMP Museum in Seattle. Found on Twitter.
*Added 7 photos of the throne to the Interiors photo collection. Found on the Stargate Prop shop FB page.
*Added 2 photos of Queen Ruby’s full length dress to the Queens costume collection, found on YourProps. One is the original and the other I brightened in GIMP to see the skirt better.

*Cleaned up the entry for the American Mythology season 6 comics, to clarify episode listing and gather all links of interest in one place.

*Added 2 photos of a data storage device from YourProps to the Belongings and tech photo folder.

*Updated entries to add 2 more books to the Apocalypse Fandy book series, because Wraith are featured a lot in the previews.
*Updated tentative dates for some of the upcoming AM comics which were pushed back.

*Added a photo of a set of holsters to the weapons folder from an online auction.

*Added 6 photos of Michael’s costume, 2 of the Tracker type, and 5 drones to the collections Male Costumes and Drones from Props Memorabilia site from France convention displays.
*Added 4 photos of the ZPM satchel, 2 of the USB-style data device, 3 umbilical cables, and 4 of a chip which the online auction said was Wraith but is unknown and might oir might not be to the collection Belongings.
*Added 1 photo of Michael’s ultrasound device the collection Medical and Surgical from Props Memorabilia.
*Added 1 photo of a stunner pistol, 1 of a stunner rifle, 4 of a stunner staff, and 4 of Dave’s style of knife to the collection Weapons from Props Memorabilia.