Refugees: Stargate Legacy Wraith Whiskey and Salt

Refugees: Stargate Legacy Wraith Whiskey and Salt

These are clevermen refuges Whiskey and Salt who join Guide’s hive in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series. This depiction of them comes from two minifics someone wrote. Their final scene of resting and talking of joining Guide’s hive, that idea would not leave me alone, so I had been collecting resources and looking at trees to make this picture, on hikes over the years, and I think of these two every time I see bent over trees of heavy vines in forests, bent over to look like a canopy they made in the chilly night out of saplings, that mimicked the curve of a ship, of home. In the first story, it seemed their hair was alike and that Salt’s hair was braided in the second, just before they fled, and was in braids in the main Legacy arc. Whiskey’s hair was described as a gleaming curtain, held back by clasps, and his coat has burn holes stitched across the torso, from a skirmish from standing up for Salt before the two escape with some help. Previously, their looks had been mirror-imaged, making me think they were maybe twins or lovers. I couldn’t find mention of tattoos, facial hair, or finger armor so left them off. The minifics used instances of the word “it” when humans and Wraith viewed one another, but was done to show the wrongness of objectification. Used pose reference from Alamy Stock. No matter what the books do or don’t do or how they change, I made this artwork because I am against racism, sexism, speciesism, heterosexism, etc.