My Stargate Wraith Fanart

Welcome to my page of SGA Wraith fanart. Spreading the message of inclusivity and justice, told through color and light.

Beauty comes in all forms and we are all more alike than different. This gallery is a place for viewer exploration and rejuvenation and aims to shatter myths and uncover lies, by sharing images of close bonds, private life, and joyful purpose.

A place where Wraith are shown as persons, not two-dimensional cannon fodder, in relaxed, thoughtful, romantic, or heroic settings in their own culture and environment. Starvation and genocide and wrong and Wraith deserve better energy sources. Their culture, style, environmentally clean bio-organic technology, and ambient hiveship lighting are fascinating to think about and to paint with vivid colors.

My favorite Wraith is the one from Todd’s delegation, called Bullseye by fans. I support Todd and his crew doing something by trying to generate feeding solutions– the same as I support people who try their best to do the same for all beings here on Earth, in real life, not just humans, but for all animals, letting go of old myths, looking for cooperation and nonviolent solutions, and letting others be free from harm, so that we are the best versions of ourselves we can be. People who are intelligent and strong and use their strength for positivity are awesome. ❤ I am a vegan artist and this character and what he stands for, the best within us, is why I ever started this art and I enjoy immersing myself in color and tranquility while creating. May each piece be a colorful statement and wish sent out for a better world for all.

The art is digital art, in various styles and media, as I respect all styles of art, made in free software, such as GIMP and trial versions of Artrage. I started these back in 2010 with a mouse, then got a small Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet a few years later. The pen and tablet are easier on the wrists.

My old deviantArt ID was WraithWorshipper, though I don’t have that ID everywhere (and, it was already taken here on WP). I left the old site I was on due to layoffs, mod cuts, being sold off, and going downhill.

This is FAN work, created for free, for personal, noncommercial enjoyment only. Not creative commons. Do not upload it to other sites, claim it as your own, alter it, re-title it, sell prints of it, etc. I doubly disavow bigoted people and sites from using my art, as the purpose of the art is to promote peace, diversity, inclusion, etc.

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Various Digital Art:

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Through the dress-up games I made, I think I have made art of every Wraith through testing, not counting retrovirused ones who we didn’t get to see in their Wraith forms.