SGA Jareth Enemy at the Gate

SGA Jareth Enemy at the Gate

I don’t think I have seen any artwork of this Wraith, probably owing to the fact Todd is a popular character and Jareth mutinied against him. I had been trying to make some for a few months and finally got one to work out and “say” what I want to say about him. The goal was a thoughtful moment—either of clarity, indignation, and pride or of impulsivity and instability. Maybe both? -Potential reasons for clarity: Todd is not always up front about details of his plans, with humans or fellow Wraith. Depending on how long Jareth had known Todd, possibly seeing Todd’s plans go bad or others being misled, could erode confidence in Todd’s plans. Maybe he didn’t like Todd’s plans for the ship and thought he could do better than Todd, on behalf of himself and/or other Wraith. He possibly genuinely saw the work and the hive as his; there may have had some contractual misunderstandings or deceptions, which of course, Todd would not tell John about. -Potential reasons for instability: By this time, perhaps half of everyone has had ever known has been killed in the past 5 years. There could have been anger at the New Lanteans and working with them. It may have become unbearable. He took off with this ship with a mere skeleton crew, without reinforcements, without teaming up with any Queens or Commanders, in spite of the dangers lurking in the new galaxy. Maybe he snapped when Todd came to claim the ship. -At first I wondered where Todd’s crew was, if Jareth somehow assumed control of the masked warriors and kicked out everyone else, but that seems unlikely. If the ship had so few crew members and Todd’s ship was shot at, I am guessing the ship had been nearly empty to begin with and Todd had come to inspect it or claim it. That makes me wonder how many similar hives were being worked on by Todd’s scientists in parallel. Were there other ZPM-powered hives in progress too? Was the process dangerous, with a chance of exploding, which would explain the small crew of masked warriors? -Also, the Wraith which look similar… are they family? Is Jareth Kenny’s relative? That would be would be difficult for Kenny. Some people mistake Jareth for being Kenny. The tattoos are different, the facial hair is different, and also the skin tones and eye ridge structure. Kenny’s skin is a more uniform jade green while Jareth’s has more red undertones, such as Betty’s. This can be more clearly seen in the backstage photos, out of the blue lighting. –Photo reference used from Avopix.