Queen Betty’s Party Hive

Queen Betty’s Party Hive

Of all the hives shown in SGA, Queen Betty has the party hive. Everything about her modus operandi is spur-of-the-moment, luxurious, and sensual. Ford and Jace remark to Sheppard they have been watching the flight of this hive and that it is decimating everything in its path. To me, this means Betty is culling like there is no tomorrow, living it up for the moment. The prison room and the interrogation platform are especially colorful and none like them were seen on other hives. Maybe other hives have some similar, but Betty actively uses them. There are on-board worshippers to adore the Wraith 24/7, dressed in comfortable, stylish, Wraithy clothes. Neera has silver hair wraps like Betty’s (although they can’t be seen in these pics). The worshippers are well cared for and gently handled, even when they fail to get intel from Sheppard. The officers are comfortable and casual around the worshippers, especially short-sleeved jacket, spandex pants clad Eddie, glancing over his shoulder at conspiratorially Neera. Those two just might have something going on between them and fans like to read a lot into the glance. So, this hive has a reputation among many fans as being a fun one. Used spliced icons from a 90s music video to make the stereo sound system effects and making the Wraith script text took a long time.