Sleeping In Sunrise Variant with Cat

Sleeping In Sunrise Variant with Cat

Variation of my painting, with the curled up cat included. Cat is my rescue cat and is my photo. Just because a loyal, intelligent officer deserves some days off and sleep in time. 🙂 I wanted this layout for the hints of diagonal symmetry of loops of negative space and the flow of the hair and the curves of the ship, as most shapes in Nature are curvilinear and follow a meandering path. Don’t you just want to kiss those cute, Wraithy button noses? I do! ^_^ Window theories: I like to think the window shields on hives, darts, cruisers, facilities, and so forth can be darkened and also turned off when grounded or in low enough skies, to let fresh air in. Otherwise, that could get annoying when passing by a bright sun or during the day. In “Vegas,” the camera view showed the nose of Spike’s dart as if was falling in route to crashing. This could just be a camera trick to convey falling, or it could be Spike’s actual view of crash, if the opacity were removed from the canopy. Maybe pilots can choose to override the opaque data streaming view when color notations of darts and enemy vehicles become distractions instead of useful.