Stargate Waterlight and Bronze

Stargate Waterlight and Bronze

Bronze and Queen Waterlight are characters from the Stargate Atlantis Legacy book series, which takes place after season five. This is fan art as I imagine the two of them to be. Against the odds, this young Queen and her blade live on a small hive and must survive by poaching, in hopes other hives do not notice them. Bronze takes on adult responsibilities of hive duties and does his best to impress Waterlight. Queen Waterlight is younger still, but must act as a fully-grown Queen because her mother was lost to the Replicator War. She has big shoes to fill, which accounts for her standing in big shoes, mentally and physically. But, the wars are over now and this is sort of a fanart/fanfiction scene. They clasp hands in a quiet hallway and he gives her forehead a light and supportive kiss, meant to echo the painting Le Printemps (Springtime) by Pierre Auguste Cot. It is love, hope, and life triumphing over destruction and despair. Couple model reference photo by SenshiStock. No matter what the books do or don’t do or how they change, I made this artwork because I am against racism, sexism, speciesism, heterosexism, etc.